Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Sorry!

I just got out of the mood of writing. I am sorry to all of you wonderful people that take the time to read and also to care. I have just been working so much. Ever hit a point where you are so burnt out that getting out of bed and facing another day, takes so much effort, that you feel like you have already been to work and back? I worked almost three weeks in a row without a day off. Now I will admit I had two days off of work, but those don't count when all you do is work on them somewhere else. Overall things have been going well. Just business is down, so that means I have to work more shifts to make ends meet. Jax, my five year old is starting to have fits about it. He literally threw a temper tantrum when I went to work yesterday. He usually just asks for a hug and sends me on my merry way. I shudder to think that I just might have to pick up a second job. I hardly see my kids as it is. Being a single mom is a hard. Sometimes it makes me hate my ex more, but then I remember I would be stuck with him and it makes me happy to be single. Yet, friends constantly tell me, you need to get a man in your life. I respond with, "When am I supposed to have the time??" They usually say. "Good point." Then they change the subject.

Nothing really dramatic going on lately. Thankfully. But give it another week. I am way overdue for drama to hit.

Thanks for being patient.