Sunday, March 29, 2009

Raining and Pouring

Well folks, when it rains it pours. Been absent again. This time both of the kids were and are still sick. The youngest managed to acquire tonsillitis and the oldest caught my strep. So tons of fun here in the Queen's household. You would think being a Queen there would be some help, but then I remember, mine is a tiny kingdom. All the people in it are sick. The only person not physically ill is me and I am sick in the head.

Had to take the little one to the emergency room. Pretty sure going to have to go again this afternoon to take the oldest. Too bad they don't give you frequent flyer miles for going to the hospital.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

I must say in complete honesty, it is much better not being sick. So I am back up and running.

I know that a lot of us run through our days and they end up in such a blur. Can you even remember the little things that made you smile that day? Were there any little things? Could something as tedious as going to Wal-Mart be fun? Just some simple ordinary questions.

To answer at least one: YES! Sometimes I am so busy that I think life is passing me by at such a rate of speed that I sometimes have to actually figure out my age. Not a joke. But today. No matter how dramatic the post office was, the only one in there and still had to wait an hour, not joking. And no matter how time consuming grocery shopping can be, not to mention annoying. I was still able to enjoy my day. Now you might be asking yourself this, "How could she have a good day after being stuck in the post office for an hour and then have to go grocery shopping?"

Well I am going to answer that for you.

Along for this painful outing with me was my undaunted 6 year old. Oh, I heard mom's cringe when they read that. Yep, I had my little man with me. All in all, he was great. Had one small moment, but the rest of the time, he is the only reason I am positive tonight. While waiting on the silly machine to be fixed at the post office, we went for a walk. Nothing major. Since I live in the country and the nearest town is super tiny, wasn't far to walk. We walked to the corner store (literally a corner store), got something to drink then heading back to see if the machine was working. It wasn't. So we packed up our packages, all twenty of them, back into the trunk of the car (did I mention, little man helped carry the boxes?). And off to yet another tiny town in the boonies to see if their post office would work. Thankfully it did. We then left that town for a country drive to the closest town with a Wal-Mart.

This is the fun part. All my little guy wanted was one of those bouncy balls. I would say about the size of a soccer ball maybe. So I gave in and said yes. I couldn't be more thankful. The rest of my shopping, which by the way could have be horrible with a 6 year old running wild with a ball, but it wasn't. Instead, the ball was put under his shirt and I was treated to him walking around saying "Get in my belly!" I tell you, I tried not to laugh to hard. Some employee stocking the freezer about dropped his box of food cracking up at him. An older woman dropped her bread and a young couple asked if he was for sale. Jokingly of course. That was my highlight.

It made a painful trip to the post office totally worth it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stalled Engine

It never fails. Just when I am getting back into the swing of things. Drama, crap. Whatever you wish to call it happens. Guess that would explain the title of my blog. Duh? I disappeared again. But this time in my defense I was in the hospital for two days and in bed sick the other two. Denying the fact that I needed to go to the hospital or trying to not go. I caught strep throat. A normal sickness. Usually.

And since I have had it before I usually know how to handle it. But this time it nearly killed me. No joke. I finally went to the hospital when I was finally able to see my throat and see what I had going on. I went to the ER and they treated me. Shot me in the bum with the world's worst shot. Even the nurse said it was the worse shot she had to give. It is apparently a time released medicine, so no more taking ten days of penicillin. For all the pain it caused my butt, you would think it would work. Nope. No such luck. At least for this drama queen. Nothing is ever normal for me.

I end up even sicker. Can't even hold down water. Finally officially dehydrated. I get someone to take me to the ER yet again. Have you ever went to see a doctor for strep and he looks at your throat and literally jumps back and says "Holy Shit!"? Well I have. My throat scared the doc. He fixed me up though. I am still sick. But now I am able to stay awake for about an hour at a time. Feeling better, but not feeling well. So, I will be back. Just need a wee bit more rest.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Ladies Man In the Making

So, here is the real deal. I went on a parent/student educational retreat with my youngest, who is now 6. I was educated alright. I didn't know I was going to have to run interference. My little guy has four little girls with crushes on him. I almost had to stop a fight. They all wanted to sit next to him. Absolutely adorable. Until....

He is 6 and has girls chasing him already??? OMG! Okay, shook that off.

The retreat was quite interesting, besides the tiny tot antics. There was lectures and seminars that help with at home education, which in turn will help them out in school. There was one lecture that the children were included in on. For the love of Pete, I have no idea why they would expect little ones to sit through an hour lecture. But during this lovely time. One little girl got in trouble by her mama. Yep, my son was involved. He was sitting and reading and the next thing you know, he was being kissed. I thought the girls mother was going to pass out.

I was personally too busy laughing to be of any assistance. The rest of the day, they walked around holding hands and hugging. Thankfully, no more kisses.

My little man said, "Mom, I didn't kiss her. She kissed me."

I responded with, "Did you like it?"

He looked up at me, giggled and said, "No."

A "Yeah, right." went flying through my head. I know better. But, that is something I can wait a long time for him to admit.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again!

I know what you are thinking. She disappears for a year and comes back and we are supposed to read her blog? Nope. You don't have to. And I totally understand. Life was just so crazy. Unbelievably insane. Not sure some of it happened myself. I was living in Florida. But I am back in Indiana. Hint Hint Dixie. Still up for that meet if you are up for it. Maybe I can make this a productive blog. Not one just about my crazy insane life, which by the way should be a movie. At least then I could get some money. LOL.

I am not doing the Adventures In Waitressing. I am no longer a waitress. I just couldn't work for the same restaurant here. The managers we horribly useless. Rude and multi-dysfunctional. Terrible combination. Truly. I am now working from my home. Selling and buying on ebay. For myself and others. It is so nice to be with my children. I used to work nights and being a single mom, I hardly ever got to see them. They were having trouble in school and with each other. Since I have been home, my youngest has soared to the top of his class and my oldest (help keep me from strangling teenagers with ADHD) has actually shown some behavioral changes for the better. So now I am not trying to repeatedly pull my hair out. I am down to wanting to pull it out every other day. Looking forward to not going bald now.

I will be back with more. I have several ideas for this blog. HONEST. First I have to learn how to do a few things.

OH SOCCER MOM!!!! I might just have some questions for you (wink wink).