Saturday, December 1, 2007


Computer issues.. I am sorry.. but the laptop is going into the shop.. but I promise to tell all about my date when I get back. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Well What Do You Know?

Well, I have something to tell all of you. Might surprise you a bit. Sure shocked me.

I officially have a date. Yep, honest. I set it for two weeks away. I figure it will take me that long to get up the courage to actually go out on the date. Either way, I am looking forward to it. Extremely nervous, but excited as well. He is a rather nice looking gentleman. He is a customer that comes into the restaurant.

As you know I haven't been on a date in five years. So you know I never date anyone I work around, but this guy was funny and nice. So we shall see if I made a mistake yet or not.

Oh, the fish above has the look on my face when he asked me out. I was a bit in shock.

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Everyone!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yep, yesterday was my birthday. I would have posted yesterday, but I was a bit busy.

The day started out with my usual routine. Get the middle monster up and off to school. I got back home from doing that and my neighbor stopped by to wish my Happy Birthday and see if I would take her to work later. I said I would. But then the phone rings. I got called into work. I was happy, because well, being a single mom, I always need money. Kids are expensive LOL.

I went to work and the boss man had the computer say Happy Birthday to me when I clocked in. I thought that was cute. The work day was pretty normal. The Boss Man's Boss was there though. Which always makes the bosses nervous. I decided to torture the Boss man's boss. It was a fun day. After working I went home. Tired, but normally happy. I changed my clothes, made my monster's get ready and took them out to dinner at my work. I know I shouldn't spend the money I just made, but dammit, it was my birthday. We had a nice dinner. Time to pay for the bill comes around. My boss paid for everything. I was more then pleasantly surprised, but it was nice to see I am appreciated. He said it was for my Birthday, but also in thanks for always coming in when called.

Stuffed to the max, we went home. The boys and I decided to watch The Santa Clause 3. We all fell asleep in front of the television.

A quiet birthday for the Drama Queen. But a pleasant one that I enjoyed very much.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tag I'm It!!!

Dixie Chick tagged me, and since I adore reading her, I decided to comply LOL. Not to mention I like being tagged. It is fun. So below you will find the rules, my facts and the links to the others I passed the tag onto. Happy reading.

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B. Each player list 6 facts/habits/secrets about themselves.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

My Facts:

1. My ex-husband left me for my online best friend. We shared online friends so there would be no trust issues. Backfired on me. She left her husband for mine and my husband left me for her.

2. I have lost my license three times just because I have forgotten to pay tickets for expired plates, no seat belt and one for speeding. I have my license again and plan on keeping it.

3. I love speed. I used to street race an '84 Dodge Colt in my younger days just for fun. I never won, but because it was a stick, I always had take off lead.

4. I have not had a date in over 5 years. I tried dating after my divorce, but since I hadn't done it since High School, I just rather thought I sucked at it. So I rather gave up on it.

5. I like to create those animates name tags. You know the ones that people use on internet bulletin boards and in their email? Yep, those. I have probably made over 3,000 of them.

6. I run and internet book chat site. As well as Adventures in Waitressing and this one here. So if you ever want a place to chat about books. I have the site for you. ;o)

Now for those whom I have tagged.

I chose Trivial Tiffairs. Another waitress that has some interesting tales to tell. Check her out.

Soccer Mom In Denial. Most read her, but I think she would enjoy this game, especially since she tagged me with one earlier in the year. Payback chickie. He he he he.

Last but most certainly not least is Fourier Analyst. She always has something interesting to say, and most definatly has some interesting self facts. Since I am curious for more, I tagged her.

Let the games begin!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Strangest Things

If you are wondering why I have a picture of Super Glue up there.. don't wonder for long. Believe me, I am going to tell you. See, I figure every one of us needs a laugh. We might as well laugh at ourselves. So since I did something stupid, figured I would give you all a laugh out of it.

Recently I colored the top of my hair blond. I am just trying to fit the images of the jokes.

Yesterday morning, my son breaks his glasses. I am think, well hell. No insurance and no money, broken glasses equals not good. So I tell him, "Bring me the super glue." So he does. I try and try to get the cap off, so I think screw it and decide to use my teeth. Bad idea. I apparently put my teeth in a bad place and the next thing you know the inside of my mouth is super glued to my teeth.

Go ahead, laugh. I did. It has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever done.

That was some nasty tasting stuff. Thankfully saliva is fairly helpful at getting the glue off of the inside of ones mouth. Long fingernails works for getting stuff off of ones teeth. Toothpaste works well for getting the nasty taste out of your mouth as well. Just some helpful hints if you find yourself in the same predicament as me.

Other then that, I have been relatively drama free. I really don't know what to do with myself. I figure I just wait it out. SOMETHING more interesting then gluing my mouth shut is bound to happen. Though I know a few people out there would be happy if the gluing process was made permanent. LOL

Friday, November 2, 2007

Return From La La Land

Hi everyone. Sorry.. I have been missing in action. Totally had to reformat my computer. So lost almost everything. But on the bright side. After clearing out what little savings I did have, my car is offically fixed. Turns out someone had been selling me the wrong alternators. I know, what a crock? But I am back on the road and working like a mad woman again.

Drama free at least for today. Amazing huh?

See you all soon.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Stranger Things Have Happened

I tell you, I have the strangest life. You will not believe this, Hell I don't believe this.

I have had all of this trouble with my car. Something draining my battery. Several people have looked at it and all has came to the same conclusion. I need a new wiring harness for my alternator. Only one person has offered a different opinion. One man noticed that my speedometer was fluctuating. He stated that I had a bare wire somewhere touching the chassis of my car. I figured if I kept my car running at night I would see the wire. I figured it would give out sparks. No such luck. Even in the dark I couldn't find the wire. The mechanic I took it too, didn't even bother to look. So I have been pinching pennies and etc. Saving up to take my car to the "special" electrical mechanic. Since I am terrified of the cost.

Anyways, back to the strange thing that happened. Since I had to move, I had to switch my son's schools. We switched districts. So I piled the kids into the car. Left my oldest in it car with it running, since I am terrified of shutting it off. I pulled him out of the school, got in the car and headed off to the new school. I arrive at the new school and it was closed. Apparently, no school today. So I back the car out of the parking spot and it dies. I am like, OH SHIT! But I had noticed the speedometer hadn't been fluctuating. So on a whim I decide to try and start the car without the jumper box. Low and behold the damn thing started. I was in shock. Total shock. Thrilled naturally, but shocked just the same. I mean, did my car just magically heal itself? I mean stranger things have happened, and Lord knows I was due for a break.

It all rounds out that my car starts on its own. The battery is recharging like it is supposed to be doing. And I am still driving it, but now I am even more paranoid. I constantly am watching the speedometer to see if it moves on its own. But hey, miracles can actually happen. I am just amazed that it happened to me.

Who knew?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back From The Mechanics

I know I keep putting pictures up of an 88' Thunderbird.. but even though mine doesn't work. Damn, I love that car!!

The mechanics fixed my brakes. Apparently someone routed the wires to my brake booster wrong. Imagine that. Doesn't surprise me, since someone managed to rewire the car completely wrong. The mechanics told me that one as well. I said, "No Shit Sherlock! Ya think? That is what I said when I brought it in for you to look at." Of course they tried to tell me my alternator was bad. I said, "No it isn't. That is the second one I have put in. I know I have shitty luck, but I seriously doubt I would be so unlucky as to have bought two bad alternators in a row." I mean come on? They did say one thing I agreed with. Surprise! Surprise! They said I would have to find another mechanic. DUH!!

They said that they were not knowledgeable enough to rewire my car. I needed a special mechanic that could work with electrical wiring. Do you have any idea how much that is going to cost? Me either, but I would bet my ass that it is a small fortune, at least a small fortune to me. I figure no less then $800 smackers. UGH!

So, the brakes are fixed and I am back to Stage 1. Jumping my car to go anywhere or hauling two batteries up to the third floor. Yippee!!

But hey, the brakes work.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just When You Think

It is safe and I will be Drama free. (in the best evil laugh) Muahhhhh ahhh ahhhh!!

So, I get moved in and unpacked, roomie free and feeling fine. I only have one thing left to move. My giant TV that my Dad gave me. No way in hell am I lifting that thing up. Not with my hernia.

My boss and a gentleman from work volunteer to be my heavy lifters. I am thrilled. I promise them that I will meet them at my old apartment at 8:30 am. See the 14 year old has to be at the bus stop then. Since my car still isn't running right, I figure kill two birds with one stone. That WAS the plan. Notice I said WAS.

My day began relatively normal. Get the monsters up, for we had things to do. I get them ready for school and traveling. We go down, I hook up the jumper box to the car and start the car. Oh wait.. no.. the car won't start. Jumper box isn't working. Well shit. So I beg for jumps from strangers. Hoping they won't think I want to be jumped physically. I keep trying to call the former roomie, since she is still at the old place, to tell her to watch for my boss. But the house phone is dead. Every time she picks it up.. it beeps and dies. So no way to tell boss man that I am trying to get there.

Finally, the car gets going and we are off. By now it is 9:00 am and I am just now leaving. I went to my car at 8:15 ick!

My boss passes me on the road, thankfully he sees me and turns around. Basically, we get the TV moved and my son is late for school.

I get back home with a sigh of relief, thinking that is the end of my drama for the day. Boy, was I wrong. My youngest locked both of us out of the bathroom. Now I can't get ready for work. Everything I need is in there: bras, panties, make-up, hairdryer. You get the picture. I spend a half an hour trying to get in the potty. One stab to the finger and one cut later, there is success. I still missed the meeting. I am due to work again at 5:00 pm so I have enough time to get my son from the bus stop.

I tell you, I can be so wrong sometimes. The car refuses to be started yet again. I get another jump. Wooo Hooo!! I am going to be somewhere on time!!! NOT!! The brakes go out on one of the busiest streets there is in Jacksonville. Great huh? I manage to get the car home. Call my boss and tell him what is going on. I am practically in tears from frustration. He comes to get me. He can only take me to work. So now I am at work with a four year old. My fourteen year old is stuck at the bus stop. He has no clue. Luckily someone from work, lets me borrow their car real quick so I can go and get him. He is freaking out, thinking that I forgot him, by the time I arrive.

I end up with two kids stuck at work with me. I was managing that night. Thankfully, I have some of the most understanding bosses alive.

So much for being drama free for awhile.

Oh, and the car is now in the shop. I pray it doesn't cost a fortune.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sorry to have been missing in action. But I am back!!

I went to the charity to try to get help. They wouldn't help because I made $244.00 too much. I would have received help if Fanny would have given me her information and the information of her children. She said she didn't have it. Oh well. So it became official that I was going to lose my apartment. And you know what? I really didn't care. Sad, yet true.

I moved. YIPPEE!!!! I moved!!! I have a place of my own, just for my children and me. I am so thrilled. There is no room for a roommate, so even if I do go stupid again, I will not be able to let my idiotic side take over and say "Come on and move in with me." I really am known for that.

Peace and quiet at last, unless you count the monsters picking on each other. Just had to let you all know, that everything is relatively quiet for now!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's Happening! Part 5

Okay.. the final installment. I have kept you waiting far too long. But I just got home from work, so technically it is Sunday. Either way, here goes.

The little things that reached my ears didn't bother me so much. It was the big things that finally reached my ears that set me off the deep end. And not is a pretty way.

A neighbor, we shall call her Alise, was telling me all kinds of horrors. She told me that Fanny had gotten $1,500.00 in the last two months. Alise also stated that Fanny was going to call child protection on me for having my 14 year old babysit sometimes, that Fanny was going to call my work and pretend to be other people complaining and get my fired, Fanny was going to take my DVD's out of the cases and sell them and finally, Fanny was going to have a friend rob my apartment and steal what little I do own. The more Alise talked, the angrier I became. I was seriously livid by the time I arrived home.

I sent my children to our room, with the order to stay put. I called Fanny out to the living room, stated we needed to talk privately. She sent her children back into her room.

I basically said something to this effect. "I am going to say something, I do not want to be interrupted. I am going to speak my mind and what I say is final."

She said, "Okay."

I told her everything that was said to me and told her because of that she had until 4:00 the next day to get the hell out.

She started screaming at me, so I yelled back. I told her I wasn't playing games. She could go quietly or I would have the police remove her. She said I couldn't throw her out, that she had squatters rights. Then started cussing away. I yelled, I am not going to (yest I used the f bomb) fucking listen to her mouth. Then proceeded to leave the room. She jumped on the phone and called her mother.

Next thing I know, her mother (whom I respect) wants to talk to me. So I speak to her mother. I tell her why I did what I did. Her mother then tells me how she has heard Alise talking trash about me to Fanny, anytime Fanny is on the phone with her. I hear so much mean things that Alise, whom I believed, said about me. I calmed down towards Fanny and began to listen to her side and her mothers. Fanny's mother swore to me that Fanny had no money. Hell, apparently she was bumming money all the time from her mother.

Turns out, Alise was playing both of us for fools. She was saying things, spiteful and hateful things, all lies, to keep us angry at each other. I have no clue as to why. None whatsoever. The whole thing is seriously stupid.

Fanny finally received some assistance and is putting groceries in the house. That has relieved a big burden off of my shoulders. Things are back to normal for now. I let her stay, only because she said she should be out soon. That she believes she has a place to go. Also, because I believe her mother over both Alise and Fanny.

No more hiding in my room. Peace and quiet are abounding. Things are calm.

Not too worried about her being here anymore. Thanks to her not working for so long. I managed to get far enough behind, that unless the charity office helps me Monday. I will be evicted. Sadly, I don't care. At least the next place I go, will not be big enough for any roommates. That way my kind, stupid ass heart won't get in the way anymore.


Friday, September 28, 2007


I know, I know.. you are wanting part 5.... I promise I will post it tomorrow. But for now, I won an award and just had to show it off.

Dixie Chick felt I deserved this and I am ever so grateful. Make sure you check her out. She is hilarious.
I am passing it on to Trivial Tiffairs. She keeps it real and speaks her mind. Make sure you give her a shout when you stop by.

Also a new blog but not a new blogger. Check out Sickle Cell Can Kiss My Ass written by our own Bad Girl, Vixen! Talk about keeping it real. She lets you know all about the disease, how it effects her and how it pisses her off.

Most of you read either Soccer Mom In Denial and Jenn In Holland, what you may not know is that they have a joint blog together. It is always worth a look. Especially since it has artistic photography on it. So check out Looking Into, a wordless blog, but a wonderful place to be sure.
Okay.. tomorrow.. part 5.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life Rating

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for.... This Life Rating Quiz. I took it off of Cat House Teri's Site. I had to give it a try.

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

I sucked LOL!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's Happening! Part 4

So. As I mentioned before, I asked her to leave. She said, "I have no place to go." I said, "You should have thought of that sooner." I then walked away. As I mentioned. I was done. I proceeded to keep my kids and myself even further away from her, as she continued to keep herself away from me and mine. Basically, we were both hiding out in our rooms. Avoiding each other. She was tying up the phone lines trying to find a place to live.

At the end of her two week deadline. She insists that we talk. I decided to listen, if for nothing else, entertainment purposes.

She breaks down crying. Literally, bawling her eyes out. Apologizing. The works. She had called everyone she knew and none of them would help her. It was beg me or go to a homeless shelter. So she begged, apologized and pleaded.

As she did this, I just looked at her and watched. Finally, I told her what I felt. I told her (and yes I know what your thinking), that the only way she can stay is if things change back to the way they were before. I told her I wasn't going to put up with any bullshit. NaDa!

We started from scratch. Things went well for about three weeks. Then little things here and little things there was reaching my ears. Things that she had supposedly said or did. Such as, she had been receiving money and wasn't helping.

You guessed it all Hell was about to break loose again.

Sorry, but there is a part 5. But I promise it will be the last entry on the What's Happening thread.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's Happening! Part 3

Back to our regularly scheduled bitching.

I finally began to feel trapped in my own house. I was trapped previously by not having a car. Finally, I get a car and I am still stuck because it doesn't work. She was constantly yelling and basically driving me and my children nuts.

So I moved my computer and television to my bedroom. If I am going to hide out in it, by God I am going to have my life lines. I thought her eyeballs were gonna bug out when I started moving things into my room.

For about two weeks I pretty much hibernated with my kids in my room. Unless we could get out and leave. That seemed to tick her off more. I just reached a point where I couldn't take it any more. So I called Fanny into the living room and told her. "I am sorry, this isn't working out. I tried. You need to start looking for somewhere else to go." I didn't give her a time limit.

Two more weeks go by, she is still here. I decide to have another conversation with her and all hell breaks loose. She called me lazy. And I let her have it. I am not one to keep quiet. I sent the kids outside and I told her off. Big Time! She said, "You say I haven't put any money in here. But I bought groceries."

I laughed and shouted back, "You have got to be kidding me? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that fact that you put $300 in groceries, but let me tell you what I have spent in three months." I listed the bills and how much money. Here is the estimate of what I told her in full. Basically, it rounded out to about $4,000.00. Then I finished off with, "And you have the nerve to throw your $300 in my face?"

Well she didn't like that too well. SO I told her she had one week. Then she had to be out. I was done.

There is a Part 4.

Sad huh?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's Happening! Part 2

You can bet your butt, there will be a Part 3. Just giving you a heads up.

So I let the lady and her kids move in with me. Since she has a two year old. I give up my master bedroom. So she can keep her son in the room with her, as was her wish. More and more stuff gets crammed into her room. Next thing I know she has dogs. Chihuahuas. No biggie. They are small.

The next day after she moves in she tells me she quit her job. Because she doesn't have a car and her place of employment is on the other side of town. "Oh shit!" immediately goes through my head. She takes her last paycheck and puts groceries in the house. I never seen the money or the receipt, but she says it was Two hundred dollars worth. She buys some groceries one more time. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was a hundred dollars worth.

That is all she has put in to finances in three months time.

She did acquire another job about two weeks after she moved in. She worked that for a week. Then quit. I never seen any of that money. She gets money from some where, because I constantly see McDonald's containers and cups.

So basically I have been solely supporting a family of six. I can barely support a family of three. I put five dollars worth of snacks in my room. She found out and all hell broke loose. She literally went crazy about that. I mean it is MY money. And if I want something special put up for my kids. I have that right. She bitches about everything. It is like I am married. I am the husband and I am coming home to a shrew of a wife. Plus I still am not getting any sex. Sheesh. Trust me, I don't want to sleep with her. That was just a joke. I like men.

She tells people I am lazy. Because I don't constantly clean the house when I am home. Fuck that and fuck her. I work six days a week.. two to three of them are doubles. She isn't working at all or paying for anything. Then she rants and raves to everyone who will listen that I am a lazy bitch. So what. I clean. I just am not going to spend every minute of my short, spare time cleaning. I spend it with my children.

Her son gets into everything. She just sighs and says, " No." Yet if someone else tells him no or tells her to stop him. She gets pissed and yanks the toddler by the hand and marches off to her room and stays in there.

Does that sound sane to you?

Part Three coming soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's Happening! Part 1

Sorry for the long term absence. They don't call me the Real Life Drama Queen for nothing. Besides having difficulty getting my license and car. I was dealing with The Roommate from Hell.

I know in the past I told you all that she was great. Well apparently she has multiple personalities. All hell broke loose here. It is my punishment for being too damn nice for my own good.

I took her in because she and her children had no where to go. I have a HUGE soft spot for children. Always have.. always will.

Basically, this is how I gained her as a roommate.

I work with her mother. The roomie, we shall call, Fanny. Fanny's mother works with me, she told me how her daughter was living with her boyfriend's family. That they were not getting along and were going to throw her daughter out on the streets. Fanny's mother had heard I was looking for a roomie to help with bills. I told her I would have to meet Fanny first and see if we would be compatible. The next day, I receive a phone call from Fanny introducing herself. We talked for a bit and I thought she seemed rather nice. We set up a time to meet.

The day after that, I get another phone call. This one seriously dramatic. Fanny is crying and apologizing. She says that her current roomies have insisted that she leave by the next day. Me being the softy that I am, tell her to come on and move it. I REFUSE to see children on the streets if I can help someone out. She then starts crying in thanks.

Now you may ask, "Why doesn't her mother let her move in with her?" Well, Fanny's step-dad has been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. He doesn't have much time left. Noise and such can irritate him and his condition. Anyone with children, knows they are noisy. That is the explanation. At least how I have received it.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Wouldn't You Know It

Well I DID IT! I got my license after all of that drama. I got insurance. I even paid my dad all the money I owed him. Finally I got my car. Let me tell you I was so excited, I could hardly contain my joy. I went to work all smiles and sunshine. I am never sunshine LOL. I work, I drove home, I parked the car and because I wanted to make sure for my peace of mind, I tried to start the car back up.

And wouldn't you know it? The damn thing is still broke. The same problem is wrong with it. Does anyone know a great mechanic? One that can answer my questions and knows what he is talking about? I swear. After all of that drama, all of that money, I am still faced with, if I drive the car too far, I am stranded.

Something is draining the battery. Now I know what some of you are thinking. It could be as simple as an alternator. Nope, wrong answer. I have installed two alternators, two batteries, a solenoid(sp?), a mapping unit and a starter. All to no avail. Something is still draining my car. So now I have transportation, but God forbid I go to far from home. I might not make it back.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Screaming In Frustration

I have HAD IT!!! I literally almost screamed in frustration at the Department of Motor Vehicles today. After all of the stuff that has happened in regards to acquiring my license, I thought I had all of my bases covered. I was wrong.

I called the DMV two weeks ago. The one in Florida, to be precise. I asked them specifically what I needed in order to receive my license. They said, I would just need the typical photo identification, proof of paying my reinstatement fee and my social security card. This morning before I left to go to the DMV, I called and asked them again. I was told the exact same thing. So with a happy heart, I gather everything I needed and everything they told me I needed as well. Another good friend of mine was happy to take me there and we walked in the door with excitement, that after today, I would be driving again.

Boy was I WRONG!! I stand in line, I tell the nice man I am here to get my Florida license. I show him all of my information, he then politely tells me, "You need your birth certificate." Now most people wouldn't think anything of handing over their birth certificate. On a normal day, neither would I. But see, my proof of my birth is in a nicely packed box, in storage, in Indiana. It was one of the things I could not find, before I left for Florida. I haven't needed it for years, so I wasn't worried about having it. That is, of course, until today.

Apparently, when you go to apply for a license in Florida, if you have had a prior license in certain states, the birth certificate is required, because those twenty states have high fraudulent identifications. Naturally, me being me. I am again screwed. I now have to spend even more money to get my birth certificate and to get it expedited quickly to me.

Fourier?? How do I contact those damn Murphy God's? You said I must have pissed them off, now I want to let them know how pissed off I am and give them a reason to be mad at me. LOL.

Zoey. Nope, wasn't kidding about the real life drama. I have even more shit going on in my life right now. And when I get the license part taken care of, I will tell you all about how my wonderful roomie, went psycho crazy.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

So Close Yet So Far

The above picture is my Sister and my Youngest. Cute aren't they?
So, here is the update.

I talked to my Dad and he was willing to put of selling my car for a week. On the grounds that I get my license. Which I didn't have the money for. Thankfully I have one hell of a boss. No JOKE! My boss loaned me the money to get my license back. How is that? Amazing huh? Well he put it in the form of a personal check. My identification is from Indiana, so I couldn't cash it.

I then signed it over to a friend of mine and she deposited it into her bank account. I had to wait a day for the funds. She brought me the cash the next day. I called all the placed I needed to contact in Indiana and found out it was going to have all be done by mail. Which would take forever. So I made a bunch of phone calls to my friends in Indiana to see if one of them would be willing to go and pay all the fines. I found two. The first one was willing, but unable to do so because of working. The second took the time off. By this time I had turned all of the cash into the appropriate money orders I needed. BIG MISTAKE! I needed to Western Union the money up north. Western Union will only take cash. So it was back to the back with my friend. We had to redeposit the money orders and wait for the cash again. I wanted to scream. I am on a time limit. I was only given a week and it had already been four days.

I finally get the money sent. My friend picks up the money, but has ran out of time. He can't do it for two more days. ICK! He finally is able to do it on Friday. He pays one. No problem. He goes to pay the second. He arrives at the destination at forty-five minutes past Noon. The place is closed. They closed at 12:30. What the hell? A courthouse closed at 12:30 on a Friday? Nothing he can do about it. He was my only hope. He proceeds on though, to the third place. He arrives there to a huge line. He stands there and off goes the power and the computers are totally crashed. By this time I am thinking I have royally pissed off God and he is determined for my car to be sold. He sticks around there though and they get everything back up and running. I am thankful. He only has one more place to go. The problem is, he can't go to the final place, not until he goes to the second place first. He is out of time, and I am out of hope.

I decided to have him drop off all of the information to my ex-husband. He can't to it, but maybe my first friend can on her next day off. I get lucky. She is going to do it on Wednesday.

So hopefully by Friday at the latest, I will be driving! Keep your fingers crossed and send me some good wishes. I really need them before I go fucking mad. LOL

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Trapped In My Apartment

To those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I recently moved from Indiana to Florida. I just up and moved. I had the chance to reconnect with my Father, whom I didn't know, and I took it.

After I moved here I discovered that my license was suspended. I didn't have a car, so I wasn't really worried about it, at first. Then my dad bought me a car (see above pic). I know it is an older car, but call me a sucker for the classics. I love this car. Of course I found out my license was suspended after he purchased the car. He then in turn took the car back from me. Since it was still in his name. He stated that once I acquired my license again, the car would be mine. Well, the car was needing quite a bit of work, so I wasn't too upset.

So I have been having one financial trouble after another and have yet to get my Driver's License. I want to scream in frustration from being basically stuck in my apartment or at work. I have to beg for rides from friends to the grocery store. I take a Taxi which I can't afford to go to work. How am I supposed to save money for a license if I can't go out and look for a second job?

The other day, my dad told me he is going to sell my car unless I get the DL. Well fuck a duck! So should I pay rent and have a place to live or get my license, hope I can pay rent and have a car? I give up. I can't do both, yet I need to do both. I need $600. Not so much, but when your a single struggling mom like me, it is a fortune. Hell, half of my stuff is still in Indiana. I just want to be able to go to the damn store when I need too. Get my kids to school, if they miss the bus. But I have been stuck in this God forsaking house for the better part of five months and all I want to do is scream. If he sells my car, then I get a license, I am going to still be stuck here because there is no way in Heaven or Hell I can afford to buy one on my own. So I will continue to be stuck in an apartment, begging for rides or paying out the ass for them.

I just want to SCREAM!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thing Number 7 Explained

I can honestly say I have been avoiding this particular post. That is the reason for the delay in this explanation. It just brings back some rough memories.

I married the man I went with to the prom. Now we didn't marry directly out of high school. We had an off again, on again relationship until I was twenty. When we finally married, I was pregnant at the time. Though we did not wed because of the pregnancy. I refused. Eventually, because I loved him, the wedding commenced.

We had several very happy years together. We struggled financially, as the majority of married couples do. No matter how we tried, we never got finances in order. We lived in the ghetto. Struggling in dead end jobs. Raising our son and living next to my grandmother, whom helped us out more times then I can remember.

We eventually got lucky and a friend of ours sold us his old computer for a reasonable price. We then in turn, got hooked to the Internet. We did what we thought was the smart thing. Our online friends were mutual. I became really close to one lady in particular. I trusted her completely. See, almost every female friend I had in the past had stolen from me, broke my trust or in the end, slept with my husband. I ended up telling this woman about how my husband had cheated on me. It was with hope that she might help me. I needed someone to talk to, to trust. In order to save my marriage. It was one of the biggest mistakes I had ever made, in my life.

He, naturally, was friends with her too. I introduced them. After all, his friends were my friends and vice versa. So every time they talked, I didn't think anything of it. Again, my mistake.

Vixen can vouch for this next part.

He ended up telling me, and I quote, "I love you, but I am not in love with you. I love someone else." That was a HUGE shock to me. We had no more female friends. I refused to be around women after the cheating episodes. When I asked him who and he told me. I was floored. Then I was pissed. I slapped him silly and threw him out. She eventually left her husband for my husband. With nothing but pictures sent between them. There is much more to tell, but it is nothing but hateful and hurtful memories.

The main problem I have from all of this, I am afraid of love. That is the truth. Even my youngest sons father, didn't get close emotionally to me. That is probably the main reason for my non dating lifestyle. I have always been a one man kind of woman. I always will be.

Now I am faced with finding one man. That scares the shit out of me. I can honestly say, I would rather be alone then to ever feel pain, like I had in my past, ever again. I loved my ex-husband completely. Maybe too much. Such is the mistakes we make in life.

I am sure you will forgive me, if I never broach this subject again.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Thing Number 5 and 6 explained

Please let me know if you are tired of reading the explanations. Believe me when I say I have plenty of drama to write about.

Number 5: Celibacy

Believe it when I say it is no great burden. It is a choice I have made. I have been divorced for over six years. I tried the whole dating game and found it lacking. Probably since the last time I had really dated was in High School. As outgoing that I am. When it comes to men that I am attracted to, I am reserved. Rather contradictory to my personality, to those who know me well.
So after dating a few men that only wanted a physical relationship with me, and me being stupid and indulging them. I chose to go celibate and to try not dating. The results has been some quiet dateless years. Eventually, if a gentleman is brave enough. I will resume dating. If he is lucky enough, he will break my celibacy streak. I hope he has the stamina. LOL

Number 6: DVD's

I am just a movie freak. If I hadn't been robbed a few times I am sure I would have about a 1,000 movies by now. Movie's are my special treat. I rarely drink, I don't date or go out partying and due to the previous, you know I don't have sex. SO, I buy me a movie here or there as a reward, so to speak. Funny thing is, I have more Books then movies.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thing Number 4 Explained

This one is fairly simple. But it was fun. My cousin was a hair stylist for the movie. The filmed in Indianapolis, Indiana. My home town. Surprisingly enough, since it was almost twenty years ago, that I remember it fairly well.
I was fifteen at the time. So meeting those actors made my jaw drop. To this day I still swear that Charlie Sheen is better looking in person and the camera doesn't do him justice. John Cusack was rude. He literally shocked me with his attitude. D.B. Sweeney was sweet. It was a very interesting day. I got invited to a Hollywood style party. I was so THRILLED. I didn't get to go. My grandmother wouldn't let me. I was so ticked off.
I sat in the bleachers off and on. I was a person in the crowd. Dressed in a dowdy old style jacket and an ugly hat. I sat behind two very beautiful women. The were dressed in expensive style older closes. You could just tell by looking at them, that they were "girlfriends" of a couple of the actors. Not sure whose, but they were very nice to me and talked to me most of the day.
Even more interesting is the fact that I have NEVER seen this movie. I keep meaning too, but just never have done so. My cousin swears she seen me in it. Until I watch it, I will just have to believe her.
Simple, yet true.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thing Number 3 Explained

First off, I am honored to have been given my first Blogger Award. Soccer Mom thinks I have Schmooze! I am tickled pink.

Now for what some of you have been waiting oh so patiently for, an explanation. In case you are wondering why and what I am explaining, scroll down.

This one is probably going to be the hardest one to explain. So much detail will need to be given, but I will endeavour to do my best to keep it short and simple.

When I was two, my parents got a divorce. They went their separate ways. I lived with my mother for a time, then my father came to get me. I lived with him for a time. I don't really remember too much about that. I do remember getting on an airplane. Being picked up at an airport, by my Aunt and her husband. They are the ones that adopted me. I lived with them from the time I was six, until right after my twelfth birthday. I remember not being happy. I also remember several events about being treated unfairly. It wasn't a fun childhood.

My father came to visit me when I turned twelve. He took me away from "that" life. I lived with him for a time. He then went somewhere, private and personal, for the military. During that time, my grandmother took care of me. She took the people who had adopted me to court and got full custody of me. I still have the adoption certificates. Each copy has something different on it. All of them were signed by people who are or rather were related to me, in some way. My grandmother raised me for the rest of my days.

Until recently, I thought my father didn't want me. Funny the things you find out when you reach 35. I found out that not only was my adoption illegal when I was younger, but that my grandmother fought dirty and made me believe my dad didn't want me. I was lied to the majority of my life. I learned that he sent money and made phone calls. I learned he was away and unreachable during the time my grandmother pursued her adoption. Basically, I have been lied to most of my life.

First my dad sends me away to stay with family for awhile and he was taken advantage of in that situation. Then my grandmother basically does the same thing. Just this year, literally, have I actually been a part of my father's life and he a part of mine.

Scary huh?

There is so much to tell about the past. One post just will not do it justice. I am sure I will elaborate more, eventually.

Now to pass on the schmoozer award!!

Vixen: You all know and love her as the writer of The Bad Girls Guide. But what not everyone knows is that she has another excellent site. It is all about Sickle Cell Anemia. She rocks that blog like she does her Bad Girls Guide! Carry on my strong sister of the heart!

Teri: This lady says what she wants and tells it like it is. She doesn't try to Schmooze you. It just ends up being irresistible like her. Check out The Road Lester Traveled.

Zoey: An excellent writer in the journalism AND the blogger world. She always has something to say. Ever a surprise and a delight. Zoey's World will rock your world.

nml: The title of her blog is Tired of Men. Though I am sure at one point she was, she is now a new mom. Who doesn't blog enough for me. She is witty, funny and creative. You want schmooze with side splitting comedy? Go read Tired Of Men.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thing Number 2 Explained

My Oldest Above, with his ex.

I skipped Thing Number 1 because I believe it is pretty self explanatory. Since some of you expressed an interest in a larger detail, I decided to accommodate.

My oldest is 20. He is my cousin that I adopted. His birth mother is a real piece of work or shit, depends on how you look at it. She dumped him on the streets one day and disappeared. We saw her three times after that. When she showed up for three out of twelve allotted visitations. He is my son now and forever will be. He calls me Mom and doesn't care to speak of the so called low life that gave him birth. He is definitely unique. A Goth child as some call the kids today. Be that as it may, he has his head screwed on straight. Holds a job and has a girlfriend. I did have some rough times with him, but thankfully he finally grew up mentally as well as physically.

My middle child is 14. He is from my marriage. I was married for nine years to the man I went to the prom with. He has ADHD, is super smart, super messy but super lovable. He is also very protective of his younger brother.

My youngest is 4. He has a different dad. His sperm donor is a man that I knew for six years. When I told him I was pregnant, he disappeared. He has never seen his son. I hope he never does. I also hope he rots in hell for being such a dead beat. My youngest deserves better. And he has it. He has me.

That is the basics for thing number 2.

Monday, July 9, 2007

8 Things About Me

I seen this on Teri's and the again on Soccer's site. I am not passing the tag along. I just thought this would be a fun thing to do today. Above is a picture of me (I am the red head) and my sister. And yes, I am a natural red head. Though I do cover up the grey now.

The Rules:

Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
Players should tag 8 other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

Here are mine!

1.) I am obsessed with pirates. Either from history, books or the movies that are out. I would have loved to been someone sailing the seven seas.

2.) I have three boys, everyone who knows me knows this, but what they don't know is that my oldest is adopted.

3.) I was illegally adopted when I was 5. Only to be reunited with my true family when I was 12.

4.) I was an extra in Eight Men Out when I was 15. I got to have breakfast with Charlie Sheen, John Cusask and D.B. Sweeney. I was in AWE!

5.) I am celibate. By choice.

6.) I collect movies. I must have 300 dvd's as of to date. Not telling you how many old VHS I own. You would laugh.

7.) I divorced my husband because he left me for a woman he never met online.

8.) I wish to start up my own Birthday Planner business one day.

I know they are not all that interesting. But hey, I gave it a shot.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Double Identies and Liars

I will be the first to admit. I have several different online names. Some of them are for the same site. I will also be the first to admit, I will let someone know immediately that each identity is me. Example: The Real Life Drama Queen equals Adventures In Waitressing. If I post a comment on another bloggers site and switch identities on them. I identify myself. It is the right thing to do. Explanation: I didn't know when I first entered the blogging world that I could make more then one blog under the same log in name. Therefore, The Real Life Drama Queen came about.

Now for the real subject of this post. I love to read. I have several authors, that I enjoy so much, I have read their books several times. Enjoyed their books so much that I frequent a few bulletin board sites. Membership has its privileges. Each site plays a game. The game is you get to "claim" a man from one of the books. That fictional man is now yours to pretend in games and such, act like he is real, whatever you wish. Some might think it is strange, but it is nice to live in a fantasy land at times. Anyway, the ladies on these boards enjoy that part of it, as well do I. There I have several names as well. But again, I have identified myself and the ladies know every one of my names.

The problem "we"(IE the ladies of the board) have right now. Is someone else created another name, pretended to be a whole different person and claimed a second man for the games. I know this seems small time. Really it is. It is just the principal of it all. It isn't fair. When new members join and wish to participate, there is now one man less for them to choose from. Not to mention the girl is a liar. What I don't understand the most is, how can you pretend to be every ones online friend and betray their trust at the same time? There are quite a few ladies who have discovered this double identity person out. We have proof to confront her. The ladies that know want to approach her with problem, but are leery. Because when one person causes a problem. There is always that small chance that catastrophe will ensue.

It is a shame really. I have been dwelling on this for along time. I am just amazed at even online, drama can follow you everywhere.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Manic Monday

Well did you honestly think the drama wouldn't come back?? It would betray the title of my blog entirely if it wasn't.

My day had an interesting start. I woke up, went to get in the shower to get ready for work, and my ride to work showed up forty minutes sooner then I would have ever imagined. So, no shower before work. ICK! I had feeling skanky. I had a shower the night before, but still, I demand my morning shower. Work was work, cheap tippers abounded. Normal.

I get home and here is the real fun.

First thing, one of my good friends, whom I know does not like children, openly tells me she doesn't like my son. I was personally offended. She says, "Well he is afraid of a chameleon and a frog. And he is constantly stating the obvious." My response, "WTF! Grow up, he is ONLY four. What do you expect him to do? Come out of the womb fully educated and talking?" I left it off at that. I just walked away. I wasn't in the mood for drama that day. I continue up the three flights of stairs to open my door. Walking thankfully into an air conditioned apartment, I am greeted with the mail.

The water company felt free to send me a disconnect notice. So I felt compelled to give them a phone call. The bill was paid two weeks ago, on time. They found my payment and retracted the late fee. Drama evaded.

What did I tell ya about my sister? She is good for drama. The phone rings. It is her, in hysterics. Crying. Saying she got into a fight with her Mom, (She is my half sister). A verbal one. But her Step Father felt free to drag her through the house, literally. Smacked her and threw her into a wall. I had to make arrangements to go and get her. Of course I had to lie to her mother, saying I didn't know anything was wrong. That I was calling to see if she wanted to come over and be here for the arrival of my other son. Then I had to listen to her mother telling me her side of it all.

I finally get off the phone with my sister's mom. As I am picking up the phone to call my sister, the roomie's children come running inside crying. Apparently some teenage boys stole her son's necklace. So the police where then called. I let her take care of that situation. I have other calls to make. I set up arrangements to finalize my son's arrival, get my sister out of danger and track down the perpetrators. It is now two hours since I left work. I FINALLY get to go to my room and change into normal clothing.

They never did catch the kids. My sister is here and is a slob. I am a clean freak. She is being made to change her ways. I think that is a good thing. She is 21 and it is time to grow up. Even if it is just a little bit.

Nothing ever stays normal in this house for long. At least it is never dull!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My New Roomie

I can honestly say, "I think I won the jackpot!" I found a roommate that is an even bigger clean freak then me. The only thing bad about it, is that when I go to clean something, she has usually started cleaning it first. I am really at my wits end. Not used to having someone around the helps keep up. Drama free at last, at least for today, I am drama free at last!!

Sorry. .. had to brag.

Even better, ten phone calls and seven days later, my son will be flying in on Thursday!!

Sorry, no drama to report. Things are actually going smooth for a change. Don't worry. I will call my sister tomorrow. She is always up to something!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Frustrated In Florida

So today begins quite normally enough. A pleasant wake up from a pleasant little boy. A nice breakfast and good company, seeing as I now have a new roommate. Things did not stay this way for long, naturally, or the name of this blog would be something entirely different.

Regular readers and friends know that my 14 year old has been staying with his father to finish up his school before relocating down to Florida with me. I let him finish up his school year with his old school to make transition easier. I must say I have not been happy without him these last few months. But such is life. I finally made the money to purchase his plane ticket for the long journey to his new home. I called the airline and everything went smoothly. That is until I tried to pay for the ticket. I personally don't own a credit card. One less bill I have to pay, trust me when I say I have enough of them already. So I gave the money to a friend of mine and we thought we were set. Wrong! For some reason her credit card would not go through. So we called the bank and got the problem fixed. Called the airline again and they proceed to quote me that my reservation price has went up a hundred dollars. Six phone calls and a very aggravated mother later. Problem is still not fixed. So my son was supposed to arrive to a very excited and impatient mother, tomorrow. His departure has now been delayed. I haven't flown anywhere since I was 5 years old, and my new experience with the airlines today have not inspired me to get on a plane anytime soon.

That I thought would have been the highlight drama of my day. Again I was wrong. My sister, ever the dramatic one, proceeded to to call and complain about her problems of getting a car ride from one destination to another. Then she manages to turn it into a full fledged fight with her step sister. To top it off, she calls our dad and tells him that my oldest (20) called him an asshole. So now my father is mad at me for something I didn't do. Like I can control what a twenty year old says. All of this and I didn't even leave the house or call anyone but my son and my ex-husband. I am beginning to think moving to Florida has become more trouble then it is worth.

I know the drama is mild, but if my sister wasn't so self centered and the airlines weren't such a rip off and my son could learn to shut his mouth. I do believe I would have had a more pleasant day.

Oh well, such is life.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Speaking Your Mind!

I have decided to let someone vent here. It is a place where she can say what she wants and not have to worry about any consequences. Today's guest blogger has spoken to me about her Real Life Drama. She has something to say to a certain someone that is NOT a part of the blogger sphere. In writing the following, she has been able to relieve tension and not stir up a hornets nest in her own home. Please enjoy this venting post!

"I took you in because you were going to a homeless shelter with his son. I took you in, gave you food to eat, my kindness, my friendship and you turned around and stabbed me repeatedly in the front and back. Well as of today I'm officially done with you.

I can't do this anymore. I can't keep living in this jail for the sake of the children. The children are worse off when we all bicker and fight. They will never learn conflict resolution; instead they learn manipulation and bitchery.

Just because you had the fortune of knocking yourself up again with my husband 5 years ago doesn't give you the right or liberty to run my house. He's not married to you for a reason---you are a psycho nutcase. Stop being a jealous, overbearing, over reacting, over sensitive charity project and make something of yourself.

My sixth sense told me that something was going to be wrong, very, very wrong when you moved back here and now I just feel that no matter what I do or say, I'm always misconstrued. I don,t want to feel like I'm constantly walking on eggshells trying to please everybody in my OWN DAMN HOUSE THAT I PAY RENT FOR!

Fuck. Off. Now.

Seriously. I can't take it anymore and I mean that in the most constructive way possible. The next time there is an argument of this magnitude, not only will I fight you physically---I will explode. So I suggest you handle your shizz and get yourself in order.

Fuck feelings. Your feelings don't matter. If you are so concerned about your kids, then you wouldn't pick fights where there are none. I'm not a saint, and I don't have kids for a reason---I CHOOSE to be childfree because I have neither the inclination nor purpose to procreate as my sole purpose on this earth. I'm making something of myself, doing things and achieving so much in this world. So for you to denote that I'm a lesser person because I have none is a ridiculous claim to make yourself feel better than the pathetic creature you are.

The world is so wide, one's purpose so great that limiting yourself as a vessel and incubator isn't the grandest thing in the world. Anyone can spread their legs and fucking get pregnant. You did nothing special, you are nothing. Get over your so called high moral chair of what a good mother you are, it's completely deluded. You are the lousiest mother I've ever seen and I pray that your kids aren't forever scarred from the crazy situations and instability you've put them through.

While we are speaking of deluded, if you got off your butt and got a real JOB then maybe you wouldn't have to live off family, friends, the government and the men you beguile with your uterus. Stop being a fucking charity case and grow the fuck up.

You aren't a good example of a person so don't point your fingers in my face like you are better than me. None of your 6 kids by 4 different men are even trying to better themselves. They are just following the same stupid cycle that you birthed them into. Your one daughter is 17, pregnant and married to a drug dealing violent abuser.

Your so called disability why you can't work! IT'S CALLED LAZINESS. There is nothing wrong with you physically that detracts you from getting a job. Don't blame us because your damn disability check isn't here on time. And don't expect handouts from him.

No matter what you say or do, he will always take my side over yours. You are his baby mama---nothing more, so get over yourself already. He's never going to defend or support you because all that you spout comes from that bitter place that you keep inside. No matter what you say or do, he will always love and cherish me more than he ever cared for you. Could it be because I'm the perfect match for him, and your cougar cradle robbing self isn't?

I'm sick of being painted as the villain when all I want to do is to live in peace. If you and him can't get along because of your fucking insecurity and mental issues, then that is your problem. Don't pull me in the middle of the drama you create, I refuse to be a part of it.
You are a manipulative bitch and I'm sick of your lies and drama. want you out of my house yesterday. I'm so over you. "

Let us hope that her Drama gets easier to handle, shall we?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Spiders, Friends and Pranks Oh My!

The picture is basically what this blog will be about today. I HATE spiders! I don't care if they are the tiniest size of a gnat to the size of a Tarantula. I HATE spiders.

Just call me stupid. I found out a friend of mine owns a tarantula and now her boyfriend is insistent of trying to bring me one as a gift. Over his dead body. I have now received cell phone pics of my youngest(who is four) holding the loved "pet." I would show it to you, but have no clue how to get the pics from my phone to online. I have been told that every growing boy needs a pet and that he will be coming home with one tomorrow. I seriously doubt he will buy my son a spider, but I have no doubt that I am going to be opening my front door one day to him holding his tarantula. Screaming hysterics will abound. Did I mention I hate spiders??

Pranks can be fun, but have you ever had someone playing a prank on your fears? I find those to be the worst and not funny at all. Everyone has a fear, something small like my fear of spiders, to something as big as claustrophobia. But you wouldn't in jokes and games lock a person with claustrophobia in a closet. That is just cruel and no fun at all. Don't get me wrong, I have done plenty of pranks in my younger days. Occasionally, I still do. Keeps a person young. Just don't be cruel about it.

Needless to say, if I open my front door and find a man and a spider. My friends little boy will be out a "pet" and my friend will be out a "boyfriend."

If I end up in jail, I will make sure someone lets you know.