Friday, August 31, 2007

Wouldn't You Know It

Well I DID IT! I got my license after all of that drama. I got insurance. I even paid my dad all the money I owed him. Finally I got my car. Let me tell you I was so excited, I could hardly contain my joy. I went to work all smiles and sunshine. I am never sunshine LOL. I work, I drove home, I parked the car and because I wanted to make sure for my peace of mind, I tried to start the car back up.

And wouldn't you know it? The damn thing is still broke. The same problem is wrong with it. Does anyone know a great mechanic? One that can answer my questions and knows what he is talking about? I swear. After all of that drama, all of that money, I am still faced with, if I drive the car too far, I am stranded.

Something is draining the battery. Now I know what some of you are thinking. It could be as simple as an alternator. Nope, wrong answer. I have installed two alternators, two batteries, a solenoid(sp?), a mapping unit and a starter. All to no avail. Something is still draining my car. So now I have transportation, but God forbid I go to far from home. I might not make it back.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Screaming In Frustration

I have HAD IT!!! I literally almost screamed in frustration at the Department of Motor Vehicles today. After all of the stuff that has happened in regards to acquiring my license, I thought I had all of my bases covered. I was wrong.

I called the DMV two weeks ago. The one in Florida, to be precise. I asked them specifically what I needed in order to receive my license. They said, I would just need the typical photo identification, proof of paying my reinstatement fee and my social security card. This morning before I left to go to the DMV, I called and asked them again. I was told the exact same thing. So with a happy heart, I gather everything I needed and everything they told me I needed as well. Another good friend of mine was happy to take me there and we walked in the door with excitement, that after today, I would be driving again.

Boy was I WRONG!! I stand in line, I tell the nice man I am here to get my Florida license. I show him all of my information, he then politely tells me, "You need your birth certificate." Now most people wouldn't think anything of handing over their birth certificate. On a normal day, neither would I. But see, my proof of my birth is in a nicely packed box, in storage, in Indiana. It was one of the things I could not find, before I left for Florida. I haven't needed it for years, so I wasn't worried about having it. That is, of course, until today.

Apparently, when you go to apply for a license in Florida, if you have had a prior license in certain states, the birth certificate is required, because those twenty states have high fraudulent identifications. Naturally, me being me. I am again screwed. I now have to spend even more money to get my birth certificate and to get it expedited quickly to me.

Fourier?? How do I contact those damn Murphy God's? You said I must have pissed them off, now I want to let them know how pissed off I am and give them a reason to be mad at me. LOL.

Zoey. Nope, wasn't kidding about the real life drama. I have even more shit going on in my life right now. And when I get the license part taken care of, I will tell you all about how my wonderful roomie, went psycho crazy.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

So Close Yet So Far

The above picture is my Sister and my Youngest. Cute aren't they?
So, here is the update.

I talked to my Dad and he was willing to put of selling my car for a week. On the grounds that I get my license. Which I didn't have the money for. Thankfully I have one hell of a boss. No JOKE! My boss loaned me the money to get my license back. How is that? Amazing huh? Well he put it in the form of a personal check. My identification is from Indiana, so I couldn't cash it.

I then signed it over to a friend of mine and she deposited it into her bank account. I had to wait a day for the funds. She brought me the cash the next day. I called all the placed I needed to contact in Indiana and found out it was going to have all be done by mail. Which would take forever. So I made a bunch of phone calls to my friends in Indiana to see if one of them would be willing to go and pay all the fines. I found two. The first one was willing, but unable to do so because of working. The second took the time off. By this time I had turned all of the cash into the appropriate money orders I needed. BIG MISTAKE! I needed to Western Union the money up north. Western Union will only take cash. So it was back to the back with my friend. We had to redeposit the money orders and wait for the cash again. I wanted to scream. I am on a time limit. I was only given a week and it had already been four days.

I finally get the money sent. My friend picks up the money, but has ran out of time. He can't do it for two more days. ICK! He finally is able to do it on Friday. He pays one. No problem. He goes to pay the second. He arrives at the destination at forty-five minutes past Noon. The place is closed. They closed at 12:30. What the hell? A courthouse closed at 12:30 on a Friday? Nothing he can do about it. He was my only hope. He proceeds on though, to the third place. He arrives there to a huge line. He stands there and off goes the power and the computers are totally crashed. By this time I am thinking I have royally pissed off God and he is determined for my car to be sold. He sticks around there though and they get everything back up and running. I am thankful. He only has one more place to go. The problem is, he can't go to the final place, not until he goes to the second place first. He is out of time, and I am out of hope.

I decided to have him drop off all of the information to my ex-husband. He can't to it, but maybe my first friend can on her next day off. I get lucky. She is going to do it on Wednesday.

So hopefully by Friday at the latest, I will be driving! Keep your fingers crossed and send me some good wishes. I really need them before I go fucking mad. LOL

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Trapped In My Apartment

To those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I recently moved from Indiana to Florida. I just up and moved. I had the chance to reconnect with my Father, whom I didn't know, and I took it.

After I moved here I discovered that my license was suspended. I didn't have a car, so I wasn't really worried about it, at first. Then my dad bought me a car (see above pic). I know it is an older car, but call me a sucker for the classics. I love this car. Of course I found out my license was suspended after he purchased the car. He then in turn took the car back from me. Since it was still in his name. He stated that once I acquired my license again, the car would be mine. Well, the car was needing quite a bit of work, so I wasn't too upset.

So I have been having one financial trouble after another and have yet to get my Driver's License. I want to scream in frustration from being basically stuck in my apartment or at work. I have to beg for rides from friends to the grocery store. I take a Taxi which I can't afford to go to work. How am I supposed to save money for a license if I can't go out and look for a second job?

The other day, my dad told me he is going to sell my car unless I get the DL. Well fuck a duck! So should I pay rent and have a place to live or get my license, hope I can pay rent and have a car? I give up. I can't do both, yet I need to do both. I need $600. Not so much, but when your a single struggling mom like me, it is a fortune. Hell, half of my stuff is still in Indiana. I just want to be able to go to the damn store when I need too. Get my kids to school, if they miss the bus. But I have been stuck in this God forsaking house for the better part of five months and all I want to do is scream. If he sells my car, then I get a license, I am going to still be stuck here because there is no way in Heaven or Hell I can afford to buy one on my own. So I will continue to be stuck in an apartment, begging for rides or paying out the ass for them.

I just want to SCREAM!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thing Number 7 Explained

I can honestly say I have been avoiding this particular post. That is the reason for the delay in this explanation. It just brings back some rough memories.

I married the man I went with to the prom. Now we didn't marry directly out of high school. We had an off again, on again relationship until I was twenty. When we finally married, I was pregnant at the time. Though we did not wed because of the pregnancy. I refused. Eventually, because I loved him, the wedding commenced.

We had several very happy years together. We struggled financially, as the majority of married couples do. No matter how we tried, we never got finances in order. We lived in the ghetto. Struggling in dead end jobs. Raising our son and living next to my grandmother, whom helped us out more times then I can remember.

We eventually got lucky and a friend of ours sold us his old computer for a reasonable price. We then in turn, got hooked to the Internet. We did what we thought was the smart thing. Our online friends were mutual. I became really close to one lady in particular. I trusted her completely. See, almost every female friend I had in the past had stolen from me, broke my trust or in the end, slept with my husband. I ended up telling this woman about how my husband had cheated on me. It was with hope that she might help me. I needed someone to talk to, to trust. In order to save my marriage. It was one of the biggest mistakes I had ever made, in my life.

He, naturally, was friends with her too. I introduced them. After all, his friends were my friends and vice versa. So every time they talked, I didn't think anything of it. Again, my mistake.

Vixen can vouch for this next part.

He ended up telling me, and I quote, "I love you, but I am not in love with you. I love someone else." That was a HUGE shock to me. We had no more female friends. I refused to be around women after the cheating episodes. When I asked him who and he told me. I was floored. Then I was pissed. I slapped him silly and threw him out. She eventually left her husband for my husband. With nothing but pictures sent between them. There is much more to tell, but it is nothing but hateful and hurtful memories.

The main problem I have from all of this, I am afraid of love. That is the truth. Even my youngest sons father, didn't get close emotionally to me. That is probably the main reason for my non dating lifestyle. I have always been a one man kind of woman. I always will be.

Now I am faced with finding one man. That scares the shit out of me. I can honestly say, I would rather be alone then to ever feel pain, like I had in my past, ever again. I loved my ex-husband completely. Maybe too much. Such is the mistakes we make in life.

I am sure you will forgive me, if I never broach this subject again.