Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Karma's A Bitch!!

Seriously! I know I am the Drama Queen, but really, I didn't ask to be her. It was thrust upon me like an unwanted wish. Therefore, I am she, not by choice.

Karma really is a bitch. I just don't understand it. I try to do right by the world and practice pay it forward. You know, the classic, what goes around comes around? Don't get me wrong, I can be a bitch. Hell, pride myself on being one at times, but when it comes to treating people with respect. I do my best to be a nice person, unless I am crossed.

So today started out with me heading to work. On my day off, no less. I picked up the morning shift for a young lady I happen to think is a sweetheart. She has finals this week and I was more then willing to work for her. I go to work and they don't even have me on the floor. No biggie. I will just change clothes and walk around the mall for a bit. I have a nice shopping stroll with another of the girls I work with. Sounds like a nice relaxing day right?

After the shopping I head over to a house, of yet another girl I work with, her car is broke down. Our plan was to go tanning, get the parts for her car, go to the bank and then relax by the pool and wait for the guys to come and fix her car. Soooo not what happened. I get to her house and her air conditioner is broken. Hey, it's only over 90 degrees outside. Who needs air? I'll tell you who needs air. Fat women need air! I was literally melting. I get there and she needs to wait for one of the guys to come and look at the car. Since her phone is also broke, she can't look up the number to call him or anything. So here we are roasting, I swear her apartment was a rotisserie. He shows up and tells her exactly what is wrong. He leaves and we head out to buy the parts. She wishes to stop by the Leasing Office to give them hell. I don't blame her, hell I went in to help her. We go back outside and my car won't start. It broke down.

Long story short. Never made it tanning. Made it to the parts store three times though. Never made it to the pool either. Her air is fixed. Her car isn't. My car is fixed. Her phone is still broke. We are trying it all again tomorrow. I hope Karma is more cooperating.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Space Age Sun Tanning

For many, many, many and I do mean many years, I was unable to tan. This year on a lark I decided to invest the money and try again. I was tired of being so white that I glowed in the dark under a black light. Not joking. My legs were almost clear. I threw caution, money and skin cancer to the wind and started going to a tanning bed place.

I gave myself one month. If I had no results in one month, never ever would I try again. One month later, I amazingly had a very light base tan. So I gave it one more month. Woo Hoo! My body was darker. Now I know that some out there can tell me exactly how unhealthy it is to tan. I have done the research. Save your breath. I don't care. About myself that is. Life to me is too short. I am trying to do everything in my life that I have always wanted to do. There is something surreal about approaching 40. You suddenly realize that life ends quickly and you missed out on half of it already. Because it flew on by while you were sitting there watching television or on a computer. But I digress.

I received a coupon for a new tanning place. Five free tans you say? I will be right there, because tanning is expensive and I will take free stuff. The bed in this place were like space ships. Seriously. They contour to your body now. I'd like to see a special bed made to contour my fat ass. Maybe then it would be tan all over, not just where it thinks it should be tan.

Not only is it like walking into a space age tanning site, they finger print you now. Just one step closer to the microchip in your skull. Keeping tabs on us. Believe it? If not, maybe you should. The young lady there was very helpful. Funny as well. She was impressed with my fingerprint skills. She told me to move my finger up and down on the pad four times. So I lifted it up, four times. She then proceeded to tell me how others will just slide it up and down. Versus lifting it up so the light can actually get your fingerprint. Obviously, none of those people have been to jail. Or possibly color their hair too much?

Either way, it was nice to be fingerprinted for something legal. LOL

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Graduation Party?

So I traveled about 45 minutes or more to go to a graduation party. I was thrilled to go, with the exception that there was one person there, I was terrified of seeing again. My son's sperm donor.

About 8 yrs ago, I was with this man that I knew for 6 yrs. I found out I was pregnant. I did the right thing, I told him. He did the wrong thing and disappeared. His loss. I have a wonderful son who loves to make people smile and is a joy to be around. He, on the other had, has deteriorated. Apparently he is now a raging alcoholic. He is abusive, rude and crude. Whew, did I luck out on him running or what?

The graduation party was for his daughter. My sons half sister. She is a wonderful girl, who has had a hard life. Thanks to the fact that her mother died, which eventually turned her father into the loser he is today. He wouldn't even throw her a party. That ticked me off. But not my place. I figured he would at least have the decency to show up at his daughters graduation party. So I was nervous about attending it.

I worried for nothing. This man is such a loser that he couldn't be bothered to get up off of the couch and attend the party. Nor did he buy her a present. I was livid. No wonder the girl has insecurities about love. I was supposed to take her home. Luckily someone else did. Because I told her, that if I took her home. I wanted her to send her dad outside. Said, "Tell him to stand in front of my car." She laughed. Sadly, I was serious.

Talk about the drama that would have created. Yikes!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Email Attack

I sometimes wonder what this world has become, in this day and age. I know our history isn't perfect. I have studied it. But you would think that the more we move forward, the more intelligent we would become. Instead, I have found with the more we make life easier. The more simple minded, rude and illiterate people are becoming.

I am single. I am busy. Hell, I am lucky to find time to sleep. I am really and truly tired of sleeping alone each night. I just want someone to be with occasionally. Someone I can snuggle up too, cry on or even hopefully just talk to him, like I do my blog.

I know I walk around with a hardened heart and pretend that I don't want someone to love me for me. The only person I am kidding is myself. I know for a fact that I love someone. I try on a daily basis to pretend that I don't. But I do. What makes it worse is that I love someone who will NEVER love me. Not ever. I know it too. Yet my heart longs for just one touch, even in jest. So in an effort to move on. I tried online dating.

So far it hasn't been that bad. I have met some nice men. We just didn't click. Recently, someone replied to my matchmaking site and just flat out attacked me. Never seen my picture, since I won't put it up there. Just went off of me listing that I was a bigger woman. Started sending me emails calling me fat ass. Couldn't even be original. Same thing every time. Of course I had to write back. It is not in me to sit back and take it. I am a fighter. I let the fool have it. Received the same response in return. Seen it as a waste of my time to try and educate a mentally ignorant person, who is so by choice.

Really want to post his email address for the world. Too bad I am such a nice person. Even to assholes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PDA Ick! Public Displays of Affection Yak!!!

Oh yes, the public displays of affection and my opinion on it. As well as my recent experience with it. You should have known it was eventually coming. I have an opinion on everything. DUH!

Let us start off with my recent entertainment, so to speak. Pretty sure I will sprinkle my opinion in the story telling.

I work with this lovely lady from Brazil. One of the nicest I have met in a long time. The other day was her birthday and she invited me to go out salsa dancing. Now if you seen my fat ass you would laugh at that one. This big girl has hips, just not sure about moving them, out of the bedroom that is (wink wink). Went to this really nice bar that had a live band and was classy. Find a nice semi dark table in the corner. I sit all comfy like in the corner. My friend and her date sit next to me. They are a new couple and are a bit touchy feely, but in the cute way. Not in the way that makes me want to poke my eyes out with a spoon and barf. A bit later her roomie arrives with his date. Their first date. They met on a Christian dating site. Sweet, right?

Next thing I know they are full out making out. Here I am pinned in a corner between two lovey dovey couples and I am all by myself. But my friend and her date were talking to me and we were having a nice evening. But the other couple. OMG! I almost pushed them out of the chair. This was a classy bar and here they were full fledged making out. Their business I suppose. Except for the fact that they were at the same TABLE with me!! And they pinned me in the corner to stick their tongues down each others throats. And met on a Christian site? Thought Christians were into abstinence. Fooled me.

Out of respect for my friend, and for that alone, I kept my mouth shut and my hands to myself that night. What I would have liked to do that night was to push their asses out of the chair. As they were trying to get up I would have said, "I know you like putting on a free show, but since I didn't by a ticket, thought I would give you my opinion on it. I didn't come here to watch you two gross me out with antics that should be displayed in private. If you want to fuck, go get a room. If I want to watch porn, I know a few free sites online. I will watch them in a room. Personally, you two aren't cute enough for me to watch. In fact, I think you should pay me for enduring it. Pretty sure I can claim emotional distress." With that I would have walked away.

Alas, I just texted my friend who was sitting across from me. Let her know I was leaving and why I was doing so. She apologized to me, and it wasn't even her place to do so. THAT is how sweet she is folks.

Do you have an opinion? Who am I kidding? You know you do. So let's hear it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex In The City 2 NOT!

I am so aggravated. I planned a Sex In The City 2 party. I planned a party for the previous movie and it was a blast. The object of the party is to have lunch and cocktails while dressed up as your favorite characters. I love Samantha so I always go as her. After drinks and eats, dressed in all your finery, it is time for the movie. It is, in my opinion a nice way to spend an afternoon. Relaxing and gossiping with your girls.

Mine second party was a total disaster. The ones that said they would show up either stood me up or had to cancel at the last minute. I ended up being the only one to show. I was a bit embarrassed to say the least. I was dressed up in my best. Cleavage and all. I am now faced with a problem. Should I never host a party for friends again or just stop hosting parties at all?

Basically, I am more ticked off then anything.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Relaxation Elation

Two days off in a row and for once I didn't have anything extra planned for them, other then laundry. Which I still haven't done, because I am pretty sure I am avoiding the mountain of clothes I HAVE to wash. In avoiding the laundry I have been leaving the apartment and spending the last two days by the pool. Burnt myself yesterday, but I don't care. I didn't have to do laundry. LOL

Been pretty much drama free. Hard to find drama in this sun shiny weather. I am not complaining though, being relatively drama free is a novelty to me. So enjoy your summer. I am heading back to the pool.