Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's Happening! Part 5

Okay.. the final installment. I have kept you waiting far too long. But I just got home from work, so technically it is Sunday. Either way, here goes.

The little things that reached my ears didn't bother me so much. It was the big things that finally reached my ears that set me off the deep end. And not is a pretty way.

A neighbor, we shall call her Alise, was telling me all kinds of horrors. She told me that Fanny had gotten $1,500.00 in the last two months. Alise also stated that Fanny was going to call child protection on me for having my 14 year old babysit sometimes, that Fanny was going to call my work and pretend to be other people complaining and get my fired, Fanny was going to take my DVD's out of the cases and sell them and finally, Fanny was going to have a friend rob my apartment and steal what little I do own. The more Alise talked, the angrier I became. I was seriously livid by the time I arrived home.

I sent my children to our room, with the order to stay put. I called Fanny out to the living room, stated we needed to talk privately. She sent her children back into her room.

I basically said something to this effect. "I am going to say something, I do not want to be interrupted. I am going to speak my mind and what I say is final."

She said, "Okay."

I told her everything that was said to me and told her because of that she had until 4:00 the next day to get the hell out.

She started screaming at me, so I yelled back. I told her I wasn't playing games. She could go quietly or I would have the police remove her. She said I couldn't throw her out, that she had squatters rights. Then started cussing away. I yelled, I am not going to (yest I used the f bomb) fucking listen to her mouth. Then proceeded to leave the room. She jumped on the phone and called her mother.

Next thing I know, her mother (whom I respect) wants to talk to me. So I speak to her mother. I tell her why I did what I did. Her mother then tells me how she has heard Alise talking trash about me to Fanny, anytime Fanny is on the phone with her. I hear so much mean things that Alise, whom I believed, said about me. I calmed down towards Fanny and began to listen to her side and her mothers. Fanny's mother swore to me that Fanny had no money. Hell, apparently she was bumming money all the time from her mother.

Turns out, Alise was playing both of us for fools. She was saying things, spiteful and hateful things, all lies, to keep us angry at each other. I have no clue as to why. None whatsoever. The whole thing is seriously stupid.

Fanny finally received some assistance and is putting groceries in the house. That has relieved a big burden off of my shoulders. Things are back to normal for now. I let her stay, only because she said she should be out soon. That she believes she has a place to go. Also, because I believe her mother over both Alise and Fanny.

No more hiding in my room. Peace and quiet are abounding. Things are calm.

Not too worried about her being here anymore. Thanks to her not working for so long. I managed to get far enough behind, that unless the charity office helps me Monday. I will be evicted. Sadly, I don't care. At least the next place I go, will not be big enough for any roommates. That way my kind, stupid ass heart won't get in the way anymore.


Friday, September 28, 2007


I know, I know.. you are wanting part 5.... I promise I will post it tomorrow. But for now, I won an award and just had to show it off.

Dixie Chick felt I deserved this and I am ever so grateful. Make sure you check her out. She is hilarious.
I am passing it on to Trivial Tiffairs. She keeps it real and speaks her mind. Make sure you give her a shout when you stop by.

Also a new blog but not a new blogger. Check out Sickle Cell Can Kiss My Ass written by our own Bad Girl, Vixen! Talk about keeping it real. She lets you know all about the disease, how it effects her and how it pisses her off.

Most of you read either Soccer Mom In Denial and Jenn In Holland, what you may not know is that they have a joint blog together. It is always worth a look. Especially since it has artistic photography on it. So check out Looking Into, a wordless blog, but a wonderful place to be sure.
Okay.. tomorrow.. part 5.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life Rating

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for.... This Life Rating Quiz. I took it off of Cat House Teri's Site. I had to give it a try.

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

I sucked LOL!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's Happening! Part 4

So. As I mentioned before, I asked her to leave. She said, "I have no place to go." I said, "You should have thought of that sooner." I then walked away. As I mentioned. I was done. I proceeded to keep my kids and myself even further away from her, as she continued to keep herself away from me and mine. Basically, we were both hiding out in our rooms. Avoiding each other. She was tying up the phone lines trying to find a place to live.

At the end of her two week deadline. She insists that we talk. I decided to listen, if for nothing else, entertainment purposes.

She breaks down crying. Literally, bawling her eyes out. Apologizing. The works. She had called everyone she knew and none of them would help her. It was beg me or go to a homeless shelter. So she begged, apologized and pleaded.

As she did this, I just looked at her and watched. Finally, I told her what I felt. I told her (and yes I know what your thinking), that the only way she can stay is if things change back to the way they were before. I told her I wasn't going to put up with any bullshit. NaDa!

We started from scratch. Things went well for about three weeks. Then little things here and little things there was reaching my ears. Things that she had supposedly said or did. Such as, she had been receiving money and wasn't helping.

You guessed it all Hell was about to break loose again.

Sorry, but there is a part 5. But I promise it will be the last entry on the What's Happening thread.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's Happening! Part 3

Back to our regularly scheduled bitching.

I finally began to feel trapped in my own house. I was trapped previously by not having a car. Finally, I get a car and I am still stuck because it doesn't work. She was constantly yelling and basically driving me and my children nuts.

So I moved my computer and television to my bedroom. If I am going to hide out in it, by God I am going to have my life lines. I thought her eyeballs were gonna bug out when I started moving things into my room.

For about two weeks I pretty much hibernated with my kids in my room. Unless we could get out and leave. That seemed to tick her off more. I just reached a point where I couldn't take it any more. So I called Fanny into the living room and told her. "I am sorry, this isn't working out. I tried. You need to start looking for somewhere else to go." I didn't give her a time limit.

Two more weeks go by, she is still here. I decide to have another conversation with her and all hell breaks loose. She called me lazy. And I let her have it. I am not one to keep quiet. I sent the kids outside and I told her off. Big Time! She said, "You say I haven't put any money in here. But I bought groceries."

I laughed and shouted back, "You have got to be kidding me? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that fact that you put $300 in groceries, but let me tell you what I have spent in three months." I listed the bills and how much money. Here is the estimate of what I told her in full. Basically, it rounded out to about $4,000.00. Then I finished off with, "And you have the nerve to throw your $300 in my face?"

Well she didn't like that too well. SO I told her she had one week. Then she had to be out. I was done.

There is a Part 4.

Sad huh?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's Happening! Part 2

You can bet your butt, there will be a Part 3. Just giving you a heads up.

So I let the lady and her kids move in with me. Since she has a two year old. I give up my master bedroom. So she can keep her son in the room with her, as was her wish. More and more stuff gets crammed into her room. Next thing I know she has dogs. Chihuahuas. No biggie. They are small.

The next day after she moves in she tells me she quit her job. Because she doesn't have a car and her place of employment is on the other side of town. "Oh shit!" immediately goes through my head. She takes her last paycheck and puts groceries in the house. I never seen the money or the receipt, but she says it was Two hundred dollars worth. She buys some groceries one more time. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was a hundred dollars worth.

That is all she has put in to finances in three months time.

She did acquire another job about two weeks after she moved in. She worked that for a week. Then quit. I never seen any of that money. She gets money from some where, because I constantly see McDonald's containers and cups.

So basically I have been solely supporting a family of six. I can barely support a family of three. I put five dollars worth of snacks in my room. She found out and all hell broke loose. She literally went crazy about that. I mean it is MY money. And if I want something special put up for my kids. I have that right. She bitches about everything. It is like I am married. I am the husband and I am coming home to a shrew of a wife. Plus I still am not getting any sex. Sheesh. Trust me, I don't want to sleep with her. That was just a joke. I like men.

She tells people I am lazy. Because I don't constantly clean the house when I am home. Fuck that and fuck her. I work six days a week.. two to three of them are doubles. She isn't working at all or paying for anything. Then she rants and raves to everyone who will listen that I am a lazy bitch. So what. I clean. I just am not going to spend every minute of my short, spare time cleaning. I spend it with my children.

Her son gets into everything. She just sighs and says, " No." Yet if someone else tells him no or tells her to stop him. She gets pissed and yanks the toddler by the hand and marches off to her room and stays in there.

Does that sound sane to you?

Part Three coming soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's Happening! Part 1

Sorry for the long term absence. They don't call me the Real Life Drama Queen for nothing. Besides having difficulty getting my license and car. I was dealing with The Roommate from Hell.

I know in the past I told you all that she was great. Well apparently she has multiple personalities. All hell broke loose here. It is my punishment for being too damn nice for my own good.

I took her in because she and her children had no where to go. I have a HUGE soft spot for children. Always have.. always will.

Basically, this is how I gained her as a roommate.

I work with her mother. The roomie, we shall call, Fanny. Fanny's mother works with me, she told me how her daughter was living with her boyfriend's family. That they were not getting along and were going to throw her daughter out on the streets. Fanny's mother had heard I was looking for a roomie to help with bills. I told her I would have to meet Fanny first and see if we would be compatible. The next day, I receive a phone call from Fanny introducing herself. We talked for a bit and I thought she seemed rather nice. We set up a time to meet.

The day after that, I get another phone call. This one seriously dramatic. Fanny is crying and apologizing. She says that her current roomies have insisted that she leave by the next day. Me being the softy that I am, tell her to come on and move it. I REFUSE to see children on the streets if I can help someone out. She then starts crying in thanks.

Now you may ask, "Why doesn't her mother let her move in with her?" Well, Fanny's step-dad has been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. He doesn't have much time left. Noise and such can irritate him and his condition. Anyone with children, knows they are noisy. That is the explanation. At least how I have received it.