Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reward Day

So we won a contest at work. Usually not a big deal. But they had managed to hype it up so much that we were really excited about it. They said they were going to take us someplace fun and pay for everything. To give them credit, they did.

We all gathered at work and the boss man bought us all a drink. Naturally we ordered the more expensive ones. Then our manager starts to get power crazy and grouchy, since he has permanent PMS. He should have a period, since he is always on one anyways.

Now I arrived about a half an hour after our meet time. People were still not there and everyone was getting antsy. The last thing we want to do on our day off is sit at work. Finally everyone arrives and we think we can finally leave. Yeah, not happening. The manager just HAS something to do to drag down the leave time even further.

Finally on our way, we discover we are going to The Incredible Pizza Company. The games were fun. The buffet was nice. The go carts SUCKED. The bumper cars looked even more pathetic. So if you plan on going there for go carts. I recommend Great Times instead. BUT if you want arcade games and tokens. The Incredible Pizza Company was not half bad. The TV station was there and filmed some of my fellow employees in a pizza eating contest. Using no hands. That alone was worth the drive.

Had more fun at the bar we went to afterwards though. To be perfectly honest. But then I was able to drink there. ;o)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh What A Day And Night

There was a team contest at my work. I came in first and the whole team was able to go out, on the company for fun, games and drinking. Was fun. Even though we had a rocky start.

Per usual, drama had to ensue before I could even arrive. I managed not to be the last to arrive, but I was second to last. I had to run some errands. I found a pregnant kitty on the side of the road in bad condition, so I had to find a Humane Society. Which per normal took me forever. Then the cat kept coming over to my floorboard and getting underneath my pedals. Dangerous and aggravating. I finally get her to the shelter and hit the road again. Second stop Walmart. Normal. Or should be. But we are talking about the Drama Queen. Fifteen lines open, I get into the one that only had one person in it. Now, I know what you are thinking. How lucky is that? One person ahead of you at Wally World. Wow! Yeah, well that one person too FOREVER! I swear she didn't have that many items left on the conveyor belt when I got into line behind her. The next thing I know people were bringing her stuff from everywhere.

I so wanted to scream. She then pays with everything with food stamps. Now I understand if they need them. That is fine. But my two item purchase was short and simple, so I manage to do my transaction really quickly. I such a short time in fact, that I had the joy of watching said previous mentioned woman get into a BRAND NEW Blazer. Yep. Now here I am driving an 88 Thunderbird and barely making ends meet and she has a new truck. I just shook my head and walked on to my car.

Third stop. The band, ick. Wouldn't be a big deal but I rent from a friend, so I just deposit the money into his account. Now you would think that wouldn't be a problem, but leave it up to me to forget to bring the account number. There I am in the drive thru line trying to reach him to get his account number. He is not answering the phone. I finally get aggravated holding up the line and drive off to wait for him to return my call. Next thing I know, I am being chased down by a teller. I drove off with the cylinder thing you put your stuff in to send to the teller. OOPS! She manages to reach me as my phone rings with the person I had be trying to reach on the other end.

I accomplish my transaction. Apologize much to my embarrassment and finally am on my way to work.

I will write about that tomorrow. Since I yammered on for so long today,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

And The Verdict Is...

My car is officially hating on me. So I thought I had managed to have my flat tired fixed. Nope. I go out to the car on Thursday afternoon and try to leave for work and the same tire is flat. So I find a ride to work and call the mechanic who swore to me he double checked for more then one leak and bitch. My roommate says the mechanic found a leak in the sidewall of the tire, which means, he really shouldn't repair it. Because driving on a repaired side leak is like asking for a car accident. It should come as no surprise that I had to dip into the rent money and buy tires.

One good thing about him coming to my house and fixing the tire is that he found out I have a bad tire rod. Oh wait. Did I say that was a good thing? It isn't. More money to be used to fix something else. It is good to find that out though, in the long run. An accident from a bad tire rod would rip up my front end of my car. Not to mention who knows what would happen if the car crashed.

Though normally rent would come first, this time the car does. Because I have to have it to go back and forth to work and my children ride in that car and I WILL NOT compromise their safety.

On the bonus side, I get to go to a baby shower today. Tiny clothes for tiny tots that I don't have to feed are always fun.

Until next time....