Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Manic Monday

Well did you honestly think the drama wouldn't come back?? It would betray the title of my blog entirely if it wasn't.

My day had an interesting start. I woke up, went to get in the shower to get ready for work, and my ride to work showed up forty minutes sooner then I would have ever imagined. So, no shower before work. ICK! I had feeling skanky. I had a shower the night before, but still, I demand my morning shower. Work was work, cheap tippers abounded. Normal.

I get home and here is the real fun.

First thing, one of my good friends, whom I know does not like children, openly tells me she doesn't like my son. I was personally offended. She says, "Well he is afraid of a chameleon and a frog. And he is constantly stating the obvious." My response, "WTF! Grow up, he is ONLY four. What do you expect him to do? Come out of the womb fully educated and talking?" I left it off at that. I just walked away. I wasn't in the mood for drama that day. I continue up the three flights of stairs to open my door. Walking thankfully into an air conditioned apartment, I am greeted with the mail.

The water company felt free to send me a disconnect notice. So I felt compelled to give them a phone call. The bill was paid two weeks ago, on time. They found my payment and retracted the late fee. Drama evaded.

What did I tell ya about my sister? She is good for drama. The phone rings. It is her, in hysterics. Crying. Saying she got into a fight with her Mom, (She is my half sister). A verbal one. But her Step Father felt free to drag her through the house, literally. Smacked her and threw her into a wall. I had to make arrangements to go and get her. Of course I had to lie to her mother, saying I didn't know anything was wrong. That I was calling to see if she wanted to come over and be here for the arrival of my other son. Then I had to listen to her mother telling me her side of it all.

I finally get off the phone with my sister's mom. As I am picking up the phone to call my sister, the roomie's children come running inside crying. Apparently some teenage boys stole her son's necklace. So the police where then called. I let her take care of that situation. I have other calls to make. I set up arrangements to finalize my son's arrival, get my sister out of danger and track down the perpetrators. It is now two hours since I left work. I FINALLY get to go to my room and change into normal clothing.

They never did catch the kids. My sister is here and is a slob. I am a clean freak. She is being made to change her ways. I think that is a good thing. She is 21 and it is time to grow up. Even if it is just a little bit.

Nothing ever stays normal in this house for long. At least it is never dull!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My New Roomie

I can honestly say, "I think I won the jackpot!" I found a roommate that is an even bigger clean freak then me. The only thing bad about it, is that when I go to clean something, she has usually started cleaning it first. I am really at my wits end. Not used to having someone around the helps keep up. Drama free at last, at least for today, I am drama free at last!!

Sorry. .. had to brag.

Even better, ten phone calls and seven days later, my son will be flying in on Thursday!!

Sorry, no drama to report. Things are actually going smooth for a change. Don't worry. I will call my sister tomorrow. She is always up to something!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Frustrated In Florida

So today begins quite normally enough. A pleasant wake up from a pleasant little boy. A nice breakfast and good company, seeing as I now have a new roommate. Things did not stay this way for long, naturally, or the name of this blog would be something entirely different.

Regular readers and friends know that my 14 year old has been staying with his father to finish up his school before relocating down to Florida with me. I let him finish up his school year with his old school to make transition easier. I must say I have not been happy without him these last few months. But such is life. I finally made the money to purchase his plane ticket for the long journey to his new home. I called the airline and everything went smoothly. That is until I tried to pay for the ticket. I personally don't own a credit card. One less bill I have to pay, trust me when I say I have enough of them already. So I gave the money to a friend of mine and we thought we were set. Wrong! For some reason her credit card would not go through. So we called the bank and got the problem fixed. Called the airline again and they proceed to quote me that my reservation price has went up a hundred dollars. Six phone calls and a very aggravated mother later. Problem is still not fixed. So my son was supposed to arrive to a very excited and impatient mother, tomorrow. His departure has now been delayed. I haven't flown anywhere since I was 5 years old, and my new experience with the airlines today have not inspired me to get on a plane anytime soon.

That I thought would have been the highlight drama of my day. Again I was wrong. My sister, ever the dramatic one, proceeded to to call and complain about her problems of getting a car ride from one destination to another. Then she manages to turn it into a full fledged fight with her step sister. To top it off, she calls our dad and tells him that my oldest (20) called him an asshole. So now my father is mad at me for something I didn't do. Like I can control what a twenty year old says. All of this and I didn't even leave the house or call anyone but my son and my ex-husband. I am beginning to think moving to Florida has become more trouble then it is worth.

I know the drama is mild, but if my sister wasn't so self centered and the airlines weren't such a rip off and my son could learn to shut his mouth. I do believe I would have had a more pleasant day.

Oh well, such is life.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Speaking Your Mind!

I have decided to let someone vent here. It is a place where she can say what she wants and not have to worry about any consequences. Today's guest blogger has spoken to me about her Real Life Drama. She has something to say to a certain someone that is NOT a part of the blogger sphere. In writing the following, she has been able to relieve tension and not stir up a hornets nest in her own home. Please enjoy this venting post!

"I took you in because you were going to a homeless shelter with his son. I took you in, gave you food to eat, my kindness, my friendship and you turned around and stabbed me repeatedly in the front and back. Well as of today I'm officially done with you.

I can't do this anymore. I can't keep living in this jail for the sake of the children. The children are worse off when we all bicker and fight. They will never learn conflict resolution; instead they learn manipulation and bitchery.

Just because you had the fortune of knocking yourself up again with my husband 5 years ago doesn't give you the right or liberty to run my house. He's not married to you for a reason---you are a psycho nutcase. Stop being a jealous, overbearing, over reacting, over sensitive charity project and make something of yourself.

My sixth sense told me that something was going to be wrong, very, very wrong when you moved back here and now I just feel that no matter what I do or say, I'm always misconstrued. I don,t want to feel like I'm constantly walking on eggshells trying to please everybody in my OWN DAMN HOUSE THAT I PAY RENT FOR!

Fuck. Off. Now.

Seriously. I can't take it anymore and I mean that in the most constructive way possible. The next time there is an argument of this magnitude, not only will I fight you physically---I will explode. So I suggest you handle your shizz and get yourself in order.

Fuck feelings. Your feelings don't matter. If you are so concerned about your kids, then you wouldn't pick fights where there are none. I'm not a saint, and I don't have kids for a reason---I CHOOSE to be childfree because I have neither the inclination nor purpose to procreate as my sole purpose on this earth. I'm making something of myself, doing things and achieving so much in this world. So for you to denote that I'm a lesser person because I have none is a ridiculous claim to make yourself feel better than the pathetic creature you are.

The world is so wide, one's purpose so great that limiting yourself as a vessel and incubator isn't the grandest thing in the world. Anyone can spread their legs and fucking get pregnant. You did nothing special, you are nothing. Get over your so called high moral chair of what a good mother you are, it's completely deluded. You are the lousiest mother I've ever seen and I pray that your kids aren't forever scarred from the crazy situations and instability you've put them through.

While we are speaking of deluded, if you got off your butt and got a real JOB then maybe you wouldn't have to live off family, friends, the government and the men you beguile with your uterus. Stop being a fucking charity case and grow the fuck up.

You aren't a good example of a person so don't point your fingers in my face like you are better than me. None of your 6 kids by 4 different men are even trying to better themselves. They are just following the same stupid cycle that you birthed them into. Your one daughter is 17, pregnant and married to a drug dealing violent abuser.

Your so called disability why you can't work! IT'S CALLED LAZINESS. There is nothing wrong with you physically that detracts you from getting a job. Don't blame us because your damn disability check isn't here on time. And don't expect handouts from him.

No matter what you say or do, he will always take my side over yours. You are his baby mama---nothing more, so get over yourself already. He's never going to defend or support you because all that you spout comes from that bitter place that you keep inside. No matter what you say or do, he will always love and cherish me more than he ever cared for you. Could it be because I'm the perfect match for him, and your cougar cradle robbing self isn't?

I'm sick of being painted as the villain when all I want to do is to live in peace. If you and him can't get along because of your fucking insecurity and mental issues, then that is your problem. Don't pull me in the middle of the drama you create, I refuse to be a part of it.
You are a manipulative bitch and I'm sick of your lies and drama. want you out of my house yesterday. I'm so over you. "

Let us hope that her Drama gets easier to handle, shall we?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Spiders, Friends and Pranks Oh My!

The picture is basically what this blog will be about today. I HATE spiders! I don't care if they are the tiniest size of a gnat to the size of a Tarantula. I HATE spiders.

Just call me stupid. I found out a friend of mine owns a tarantula and now her boyfriend is insistent of trying to bring me one as a gift. Over his dead body. I have now received cell phone pics of my youngest(who is four) holding the loved "pet." I would show it to you, but have no clue how to get the pics from my phone to online. I have been told that every growing boy needs a pet and that he will be coming home with one tomorrow. I seriously doubt he will buy my son a spider, but I have no doubt that I am going to be opening my front door one day to him holding his tarantula. Screaming hysterics will abound. Did I mention I hate spiders??

Pranks can be fun, but have you ever had someone playing a prank on your fears? I find those to be the worst and not funny at all. Everyone has a fear, something small like my fear of spiders, to something as big as claustrophobia. But you wouldn't in jokes and games lock a person with claustrophobia in a closet. That is just cruel and no fun at all. Don't get me wrong, I have done plenty of pranks in my younger days. Occasionally, I still do. Keeps a person young. Just don't be cruel about it.

Needless to say, if I open my front door and find a man and a spider. My friends little boy will be out a "pet" and my friend will be out a "boyfriend."

If I end up in jail, I will make sure someone lets you know.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cleaning House

Ever tried to clean a house with two four year old boys? If you haven't, you should give it a try. You will not only end up with a clean house, but with plenty of exercise. It takes twice as long to clean then it would with only one running around. Especially since these boys are friends. And they seem to think every toy in the house should be scattered over every inch of walking space. It is quite a challenge to be sure. Nothing like picking up one toy and putting it away to, then finding two more in its place. Finally managed to conquer their messy madness.

The imagination of a child knows no bound and it is always amazing to watch them use it. One of them just came out crawling with a ball in his mouth barking, while chasing the other one.

Let's just say, I am having a low drama day. Loving it and the show I am getting.

Above is my monster. I don't have a pic of the other one.. for he is not mine. But had to show one of them off.