Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twitter What?

I will admit that though I tend to spend too much time on the computer, I really am not as savoy as I used to be on it. There once was a time that I could build cheesy web pages and make animated graphics. Pretty sure I can still do the animated graphics, if I get an old program. But now, hell. I have been trying for two months to figure out hot to put a FaceBook button on my side bar. I am after all and loyal and true FaceBook junkie.

I avoided Twitter like the plague. Why? Well, do I really need another addiction? Apparently so. Since I couldn't figure out how to do the FaceBook thing. I broke down and joined Twitter. Not sure if I should shake my head at myself or jump for joy that I at least figured one thing out. Of course, it was easy when you have the easy adapt button on here. Maybe I shouldn't be so pleased? LOL