Monday, October 22, 2007

Stranger Things Have Happened

I tell you, I have the strangest life. You will not believe this, Hell I don't believe this.

I have had all of this trouble with my car. Something draining my battery. Several people have looked at it and all has came to the same conclusion. I need a new wiring harness for my alternator. Only one person has offered a different opinion. One man noticed that my speedometer was fluctuating. He stated that I had a bare wire somewhere touching the chassis of my car. I figured if I kept my car running at night I would see the wire. I figured it would give out sparks. No such luck. Even in the dark I couldn't find the wire. The mechanic I took it too, didn't even bother to look. So I have been pinching pennies and etc. Saving up to take my car to the "special" electrical mechanic. Since I am terrified of the cost.

Anyways, back to the strange thing that happened. Since I had to move, I had to switch my son's schools. We switched districts. So I piled the kids into the car. Left my oldest in it car with it running, since I am terrified of shutting it off. I pulled him out of the school, got in the car and headed off to the new school. I arrive at the new school and it was closed. Apparently, no school today. So I back the car out of the parking spot and it dies. I am like, OH SHIT! But I had noticed the speedometer hadn't been fluctuating. So on a whim I decide to try and start the car without the jumper box. Low and behold the damn thing started. I was in shock. Total shock. Thrilled naturally, but shocked just the same. I mean, did my car just magically heal itself? I mean stranger things have happened, and Lord knows I was due for a break.

It all rounds out that my car starts on its own. The battery is recharging like it is supposed to be doing. And I am still driving it, but now I am even more paranoid. I constantly am watching the speedometer to see if it moves on its own. But hey, miracles can actually happen. I am just amazed that it happened to me.

Who knew?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back From The Mechanics

I know I keep putting pictures up of an 88' Thunderbird.. but even though mine doesn't work. Damn, I love that car!!

The mechanics fixed my brakes. Apparently someone routed the wires to my brake booster wrong. Imagine that. Doesn't surprise me, since someone managed to rewire the car completely wrong. The mechanics told me that one as well. I said, "No Shit Sherlock! Ya think? That is what I said when I brought it in for you to look at." Of course they tried to tell me my alternator was bad. I said, "No it isn't. That is the second one I have put in. I know I have shitty luck, but I seriously doubt I would be so unlucky as to have bought two bad alternators in a row." I mean come on? They did say one thing I agreed with. Surprise! Surprise! They said I would have to find another mechanic. DUH!!

They said that they were not knowledgeable enough to rewire my car. I needed a special mechanic that could work with electrical wiring. Do you have any idea how much that is going to cost? Me either, but I would bet my ass that it is a small fortune, at least a small fortune to me. I figure no less then $800 smackers. UGH!

So, the brakes are fixed and I am back to Stage 1. Jumping my car to go anywhere or hauling two batteries up to the third floor. Yippee!!

But hey, the brakes work.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just When You Think

It is safe and I will be Drama free. (in the best evil laugh) Muahhhhh ahhh ahhhh!!

So, I get moved in and unpacked, roomie free and feeling fine. I only have one thing left to move. My giant TV that my Dad gave me. No way in hell am I lifting that thing up. Not with my hernia.

My boss and a gentleman from work volunteer to be my heavy lifters. I am thrilled. I promise them that I will meet them at my old apartment at 8:30 am. See the 14 year old has to be at the bus stop then. Since my car still isn't running right, I figure kill two birds with one stone. That WAS the plan. Notice I said WAS.

My day began relatively normal. Get the monsters up, for we had things to do. I get them ready for school and traveling. We go down, I hook up the jumper box to the car and start the car. Oh wait.. no.. the car won't start. Jumper box isn't working. Well shit. So I beg for jumps from strangers. Hoping they won't think I want to be jumped physically. I keep trying to call the former roomie, since she is still at the old place, to tell her to watch for my boss. But the house phone is dead. Every time she picks it up.. it beeps and dies. So no way to tell boss man that I am trying to get there.

Finally, the car gets going and we are off. By now it is 9:00 am and I am just now leaving. I went to my car at 8:15 ick!

My boss passes me on the road, thankfully he sees me and turns around. Basically, we get the TV moved and my son is late for school.

I get back home with a sigh of relief, thinking that is the end of my drama for the day. Boy, was I wrong. My youngest locked both of us out of the bathroom. Now I can't get ready for work. Everything I need is in there: bras, panties, make-up, hairdryer. You get the picture. I spend a half an hour trying to get in the potty. One stab to the finger and one cut later, there is success. I still missed the meeting. I am due to work again at 5:00 pm so I have enough time to get my son from the bus stop.

I tell you, I can be so wrong sometimes. The car refuses to be started yet again. I get another jump. Wooo Hooo!! I am going to be somewhere on time!!! NOT!! The brakes go out on one of the busiest streets there is in Jacksonville. Great huh? I manage to get the car home. Call my boss and tell him what is going on. I am practically in tears from frustration. He comes to get me. He can only take me to work. So now I am at work with a four year old. My fourteen year old is stuck at the bus stop. He has no clue. Luckily someone from work, lets me borrow their car real quick so I can go and get him. He is freaking out, thinking that I forgot him, by the time I arrive.

I end up with two kids stuck at work with me. I was managing that night. Thankfully, I have some of the most understanding bosses alive.

So much for being drama free for awhile.

Oh, and the car is now in the shop. I pray it doesn't cost a fortune.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sorry to have been missing in action. But I am back!!

I went to the charity to try to get help. They wouldn't help because I made $244.00 too much. I would have received help if Fanny would have given me her information and the information of her children. She said she didn't have it. Oh well. So it became official that I was going to lose my apartment. And you know what? I really didn't care. Sad, yet true.

I moved. YIPPEE!!!! I moved!!! I have a place of my own, just for my children and me. I am so thrilled. There is no room for a roommate, so even if I do go stupid again, I will not be able to let my idiotic side take over and say "Come on and move in with me." I really am known for that.

Peace and quiet at last, unless you count the monsters picking on each other. Just had to let you all know, that everything is relatively quiet for now!!!