Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twitter What?

I will admit that though I tend to spend too much time on the computer, I really am not as savoy as I used to be on it. There once was a time that I could build cheesy web pages and make animated graphics. Pretty sure I can still do the animated graphics, if I get an old program. But now, hell. I have been trying for two months to figure out hot to put a FaceBook button on my side bar. I am after all and loyal and true FaceBook junkie.

I avoided Twitter like the plague. Why? Well, do I really need another addiction? Apparently so. Since I couldn't figure out how to do the FaceBook thing. I broke down and joined Twitter. Not sure if I should shake my head at myself or jump for joy that I at least figured one thing out. Of course, it was easy when you have the easy adapt button on here. Maybe I shouldn't be so pleased? LOL

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy Month

I must say that when I disappear from writing, I do not do it intentionally. Sometimes I just become so busy that I forget to log in, take a breath and relieve my stress level. For some reason writing this blog, as well as my other one, sooths my inner Drama Queen. It allows me to for one to take a deeper look at my day and two, to realize, that though it was hectic, it wasn't the end of the world.

I must give you a rundown of some of the latest entertainment events that have happened recently. After all, I have laughed at myself, I believe in sharing the laughter. So what I neglected to write about for the last month, is now compiled into a tidy little list below. I do hope you get at least one chuckle at my expense.

1. I moved from one apartment on the second floor to another on the third floor. From one roommate to another. Only to have the second roommate move in with a man a week later and tell me she is buying out of her lease before we sign the new one. So I have to move again in 30 days. Mad would be an understatement.

2. I had to borrow money from my Dad. Not something I wish to do. I am in my thirties and the fact that I had to borrow money from a parent feels like an arrow in my butt. Thankfully, he doesn't see it that way.

3. My car broke down again. Yeah, I own a P.O.S., but man I love that car. Took me three days to find someone with tools and a jack that was willing to help me work on the car.

4. Get to my broken down vehicle, only to have it start. I tell you, there is nothing like starting a car you swore to everyone was broke. Especially when the one to come and help is your ex-husband. I will never live that one down.

5. Found a dependable babysitter. WOO HOO!!!!

6. Found an UNdependable man! BOOOO!!!

7. Jumped into a nice inviting pool. Forgetting that I had my cell phone on me. Ruined my pretty phone. It vibrates continually when you turn it on. Rather like having a tiny rectangle B.O.B. around. ;o) Just a joke, honest.

8. Sent the children back to school!! Mom has a wee bit of free time now. Hello sleep, I have missed you so much.

9. Has gotten all the way to the third floor before remembering that I left something in the car, 8 times now. I think. I do believe God is trying to tell me something. And it isn't about my memory.

10. Had my sister verbally chastise me for not calling her, yet she didn't have my phone number which has been the same for three years. Oh, she did it on my Facebook wall too. All my friends were thrilled I am sure.

I am sure more has happened. But right off the top of my head, I am at a lose for more incidents. Have a great week everyone.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And That Is Just The Morning Folks!

Before you read any further, I must post a warning. You will laugh to be sure, it will also be at my expense, but the subject might not be completely to your liking. You may now proceed to read, if you are so bold. :o)

Every woman has an unfriendly visitor that they get every month. I am not the most regular of women though, so I tend to not keep track. Either way, I had the misfortune to wake up with afore mentioned visitor arriving. Since I am the Drama Queen after all, you are already suspecting that I was not prepared. Where would the adventure be in that? Anyway, I cannot leave my house. Since I am not normal, neither are my visits. I called my poor unsuspecting teenager (male btw) into my room for a conversation, I am sure he regrets. I told him that he was going to have to walk to the gas station and get me some necessities. That went over like syrup on hot pancakes. NOT! He said, "Can I at least drive the car?"

"No way! Are you serious?" I ask.

"Yes. I don't want to walk." he calmly states.

This boy has not had a driving lesson at all. NEVER! His argument was that he has drove plenty of cars on X-Box and that I told him what the pedals do. Are you kidding me?!?!?! That is what is going through my brain. I try to maintain my temper and not yell at him for something that sounds so asinine that I want to scream.

"No, you don't have a learner's permit or any lessons and it won't kill you to walk. Now just go. I CANNOT go to work without them. Please!" I practically beg.

He finally leaves the house and I proceed to eat a bowl of cereal, then take a shower. After showering, I realize he is still not back. He should have been back already, naturally he isn't. I begin to stress. Of course that is when he arrives. He walks into my bedroom and hands me a dollar bill and some change. I must let you all know I gave him a ten.

"Where are they?" I ask. Since he only handed me money and nothing else.

"They didn't have them."

Shock registers on my face, "Then what did you spend my money on?" I inquire while trying not to get up to physically choke him.


Yep, that's my son.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Psychic Readings and Sex Toys

In order to have a little fun, I decided to host one of those fun little sex toy parties. Bunch of girls talking about sex and possibly learning and buying something new. What could possibly go wrong? Hell as a bonus I asked for a $5 pitch in and hired a psychic to do some readings for us as well. Started out with 2o confirmed guests and ended up with a grand total of 6, if you included the psychic, who arrived on time and the toy part of the party wasn't done yet. I will give her credit, she jumped right on in and had fun with our small group.

Thought the small turn out the evening ended up being quite interesting. The toy party was fun and many found humor in talking about the toys. The really interesting part was the psychic. She was good. I mean really good. I know many of you that don't believe in the "gift" so to speak. I would be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical myself. Matter of fact, still am. She was accurate on things from a dream my friend had never told to anyone before, to a relationship break up. Me on the other hand, I went last. Since it was my party I wanted to give my guests the fun and opportunity to enjoy themselves. I ended up hearing a bunch of stuff that I didn't wish to hear. Such is life though. I hear things I don't want to hear every day.

I really just hope that the stuff I hope to be true is, and the stuff that I don't believe to be true is false. Otherwise, I will have even more drama then I have now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chaos Factor

One could probably say that I am the Real Life Drama Queen by my choice, though I have said many a time that I am she not by choice. But after this week I must withdraw my objections. How else am I to learn from my mistakes, if I don't stand up and face them head on.

I have been trying and trying to get a business up off the ground. Don't listen to anyone that says there are government grants for start up business'. They are full of crap. There are government grants for business' that are already established. That is true. Thousands of them at that. But for someone like me, that has a great idea and knows it could make money. I am pretty much stuck. I have horrible credit as well, due to stupidity and a divorce. It happens. So between getting my business off the ground, I work, I write, I am a mom, I try to have fun, I barely sleep and I dig myself in to holes. Normal for me. But then, just when I think I am on a smooth and rockless path I find a pebble, but it turns into a boulder.

I am throwing a party. I am trying to get my portfolio together so I have something to show to potential clients. I have wrapped up every bit of spare money into this venture. Therefore my car breaking down again, was not wanted nor affordable. I fixed it, but I can hear other things about to go out on it. My poor baby. Funny thing is, I had to move some stuff. So I borrowed a friends truck. I ended up running out of time, so we decided to just keep our vehicles switched for a few days. She forgot my windows are broke and you can't roll them down unless you do it a certain way. Then the car started stalling at stop lights and when she would turn corners. Naturally she didn't tell me any of this until we switched back vehicles three days later. I return her truck in perfect condition. I get my car back with windows down in positions I can't get them out of and to it stalling all the time.

Now I am in no way blaming my friend for the stalling. The windows on the other hand, didn't really bother me too much. I know how to fix them. I just ran out of time and didn't have help to do so. Naturally it started to rain on my way to work. So I ran in to my job and grabbed some trash bags. Hoping to at the very least curb the rain from coming into the car. Which it did. I did get the joy of being so completely soaked that I could ring water out of my shirt and pants. Lovely.

By the way. I worked like that. Wet clothes, wet socks, wet shoes and raccoon eyes from my mascara running.

Honestly not sure where I was going with this story. LOL

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Life Less Ordinary

is not what my life could ever be described as, ever. I know that I would like to have a less eventfully life, then I realize exactly how dull it would actually be. But still, maybe a week without drama? Is that a request I could put in?

I have had a busy week, with work and the fact that I am trying to get a magazine up and running. Oh, did I mention that I am wanting to get another business off of the ground as well? Maybe I am an over achiever. Or maybe I just like to make my life crazy and yet still feel like I have accomplished nothing. I am approaching 40 and I just reached a point to where I just don't feel like I have done ANYTHING with my life. Therefore, I have been trying like mad to change my life around.

Only problem is, that as you get older, you can't stay awake all night long and bounce back to do it all over again in the morning. I am sure I could get some help from Red Bull or some other energy drink, if I could even contemplate putting them in my mouth. Not happening. I think they taste disgusting. So I get to run, or rather drag my ass around for about two weeks at a time, before I burn myself out and crash for 13 hours of sleep. Pretty sure my body is pissed off at me. Do I care? Possibly. Do I care enough to slow down? Nope. Do I feel like I am accomplishing anything? I wish. Rather feel like I am running in circles sometimes.

Only plus side is, I know that if I can make it work. I will have left a mark on the world. A mark my children can be proud of. A mark that maybe, just maybe, one day will be used as inspiration for others. Even if they never know my name.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Karma's A Bitch!!

Seriously! I know I am the Drama Queen, but really, I didn't ask to be her. It was thrust upon me like an unwanted wish. Therefore, I am she, not by choice.

Karma really is a bitch. I just don't understand it. I try to do right by the world and practice pay it forward. You know, the classic, what goes around comes around? Don't get me wrong, I can be a bitch. Hell, pride myself on being one at times, but when it comes to treating people with respect. I do my best to be a nice person, unless I am crossed.

So today started out with me heading to work. On my day off, no less. I picked up the morning shift for a young lady I happen to think is a sweetheart. She has finals this week and I was more then willing to work for her. I go to work and they don't even have me on the floor. No biggie. I will just change clothes and walk around the mall for a bit. I have a nice shopping stroll with another of the girls I work with. Sounds like a nice relaxing day right?

After the shopping I head over to a house, of yet another girl I work with, her car is broke down. Our plan was to go tanning, get the parts for her car, go to the bank and then relax by the pool and wait for the guys to come and fix her car. Soooo not what happened. I get to her house and her air conditioner is broken. Hey, it's only over 90 degrees outside. Who needs air? I'll tell you who needs air. Fat women need air! I was literally melting. I get there and she needs to wait for one of the guys to come and look at the car. Since her phone is also broke, she can't look up the number to call him or anything. So here we are roasting, I swear her apartment was a rotisserie. He shows up and tells her exactly what is wrong. He leaves and we head out to buy the parts. She wishes to stop by the Leasing Office to give them hell. I don't blame her, hell I went in to help her. We go back outside and my car won't start. It broke down.

Long story short. Never made it tanning. Made it to the parts store three times though. Never made it to the pool either. Her air is fixed. Her car isn't. My car is fixed. Her phone is still broke. We are trying it all again tomorrow. I hope Karma is more cooperating.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Space Age Sun Tanning

For many, many, many and I do mean many years, I was unable to tan. This year on a lark I decided to invest the money and try again. I was tired of being so white that I glowed in the dark under a black light. Not joking. My legs were almost clear. I threw caution, money and skin cancer to the wind and started going to a tanning bed place.

I gave myself one month. If I had no results in one month, never ever would I try again. One month later, I amazingly had a very light base tan. So I gave it one more month. Woo Hoo! My body was darker. Now I know that some out there can tell me exactly how unhealthy it is to tan. I have done the research. Save your breath. I don't care. About myself that is. Life to me is too short. I am trying to do everything in my life that I have always wanted to do. There is something surreal about approaching 40. You suddenly realize that life ends quickly and you missed out on half of it already. Because it flew on by while you were sitting there watching television or on a computer. But I digress.

I received a coupon for a new tanning place. Five free tans you say? I will be right there, because tanning is expensive and I will take free stuff. The bed in this place were like space ships. Seriously. They contour to your body now. I'd like to see a special bed made to contour my fat ass. Maybe then it would be tan all over, not just where it thinks it should be tan.

Not only is it like walking into a space age tanning site, they finger print you now. Just one step closer to the microchip in your skull. Keeping tabs on us. Believe it? If not, maybe you should. The young lady there was very helpful. Funny as well. She was impressed with my fingerprint skills. She told me to move my finger up and down on the pad four times. So I lifted it up, four times. She then proceeded to tell me how others will just slide it up and down. Versus lifting it up so the light can actually get your fingerprint. Obviously, none of those people have been to jail. Or possibly color their hair too much?

Either way, it was nice to be fingerprinted for something legal. LOL

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Graduation Party?

So I traveled about 45 minutes or more to go to a graduation party. I was thrilled to go, with the exception that there was one person there, I was terrified of seeing again. My son's sperm donor.

About 8 yrs ago, I was with this man that I knew for 6 yrs. I found out I was pregnant. I did the right thing, I told him. He did the wrong thing and disappeared. His loss. I have a wonderful son who loves to make people smile and is a joy to be around. He, on the other had, has deteriorated. Apparently he is now a raging alcoholic. He is abusive, rude and crude. Whew, did I luck out on him running or what?

The graduation party was for his daughter. My sons half sister. She is a wonderful girl, who has had a hard life. Thanks to the fact that her mother died, which eventually turned her father into the loser he is today. He wouldn't even throw her a party. That ticked me off. But not my place. I figured he would at least have the decency to show up at his daughters graduation party. So I was nervous about attending it.

I worried for nothing. This man is such a loser that he couldn't be bothered to get up off of the couch and attend the party. Nor did he buy her a present. I was livid. No wonder the girl has insecurities about love. I was supposed to take her home. Luckily someone else did. Because I told her, that if I took her home. I wanted her to send her dad outside. Said, "Tell him to stand in front of my car." She laughed. Sadly, I was serious.

Talk about the drama that would have created. Yikes!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Email Attack

I sometimes wonder what this world has become, in this day and age. I know our history isn't perfect. I have studied it. But you would think that the more we move forward, the more intelligent we would become. Instead, I have found with the more we make life easier. The more simple minded, rude and illiterate people are becoming.

I am single. I am busy. Hell, I am lucky to find time to sleep. I am really and truly tired of sleeping alone each night. I just want someone to be with occasionally. Someone I can snuggle up too, cry on or even hopefully just talk to him, like I do my blog.

I know I walk around with a hardened heart and pretend that I don't want someone to love me for me. The only person I am kidding is myself. I know for a fact that I love someone. I try on a daily basis to pretend that I don't. But I do. What makes it worse is that I love someone who will NEVER love me. Not ever. I know it too. Yet my heart longs for just one touch, even in jest. So in an effort to move on. I tried online dating.

So far it hasn't been that bad. I have met some nice men. We just didn't click. Recently, someone replied to my matchmaking site and just flat out attacked me. Never seen my picture, since I won't put it up there. Just went off of me listing that I was a bigger woman. Started sending me emails calling me fat ass. Couldn't even be original. Same thing every time. Of course I had to write back. It is not in me to sit back and take it. I am a fighter. I let the fool have it. Received the same response in return. Seen it as a waste of my time to try and educate a mentally ignorant person, who is so by choice.

Really want to post his email address for the world. Too bad I am such a nice person. Even to assholes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PDA Ick! Public Displays of Affection Yak!!!

Oh yes, the public displays of affection and my opinion on it. As well as my recent experience with it. You should have known it was eventually coming. I have an opinion on everything. DUH!

Let us start off with my recent entertainment, so to speak. Pretty sure I will sprinkle my opinion in the story telling.

I work with this lovely lady from Brazil. One of the nicest I have met in a long time. The other day was her birthday and she invited me to go out salsa dancing. Now if you seen my fat ass you would laugh at that one. This big girl has hips, just not sure about moving them, out of the bedroom that is (wink wink). Went to this really nice bar that had a live band and was classy. Find a nice semi dark table in the corner. I sit all comfy like in the corner. My friend and her date sit next to me. They are a new couple and are a bit touchy feely, but in the cute way. Not in the way that makes me want to poke my eyes out with a spoon and barf. A bit later her roomie arrives with his date. Their first date. They met on a Christian dating site. Sweet, right?

Next thing I know they are full out making out. Here I am pinned in a corner between two lovey dovey couples and I am all by myself. But my friend and her date were talking to me and we were having a nice evening. But the other couple. OMG! I almost pushed them out of the chair. This was a classy bar and here they were full fledged making out. Their business I suppose. Except for the fact that they were at the same TABLE with me!! And they pinned me in the corner to stick their tongues down each others throats. And met on a Christian site? Thought Christians were into abstinence. Fooled me.

Out of respect for my friend, and for that alone, I kept my mouth shut and my hands to myself that night. What I would have liked to do that night was to push their asses out of the chair. As they were trying to get up I would have said, "I know you like putting on a free show, but since I didn't by a ticket, thought I would give you my opinion on it. I didn't come here to watch you two gross me out with antics that should be displayed in private. If you want to fuck, go get a room. If I want to watch porn, I know a few free sites online. I will watch them in a room. Personally, you two aren't cute enough for me to watch. In fact, I think you should pay me for enduring it. Pretty sure I can claim emotional distress." With that I would have walked away.

Alas, I just texted my friend who was sitting across from me. Let her know I was leaving and why I was doing so. She apologized to me, and it wasn't even her place to do so. THAT is how sweet she is folks.

Do you have an opinion? Who am I kidding? You know you do. So let's hear it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex In The City 2 NOT!

I am so aggravated. I planned a Sex In The City 2 party. I planned a party for the previous movie and it was a blast. The object of the party is to have lunch and cocktails while dressed up as your favorite characters. I love Samantha so I always go as her. After drinks and eats, dressed in all your finery, it is time for the movie. It is, in my opinion a nice way to spend an afternoon. Relaxing and gossiping with your girls.

Mine second party was a total disaster. The ones that said they would show up either stood me up or had to cancel at the last minute. I ended up being the only one to show. I was a bit embarrassed to say the least. I was dressed up in my best. Cleavage and all. I am now faced with a problem. Should I never host a party for friends again or just stop hosting parties at all?

Basically, I am more ticked off then anything.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Relaxation Elation

Two days off in a row and for once I didn't have anything extra planned for them, other then laundry. Which I still haven't done, because I am pretty sure I am avoiding the mountain of clothes I HAVE to wash. In avoiding the laundry I have been leaving the apartment and spending the last two days by the pool. Burnt myself yesterday, but I don't care. I didn't have to do laundry. LOL

Been pretty much drama free. Hard to find drama in this sun shiny weather. I am not complaining though, being relatively drama free is a novelty to me. So enjoy your summer. I am heading back to the pool.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Not just referring to the song "Bulletproof" by La Roux either. But to the meaning behind the words.

I believe it is my new theme song. Most who know me, know how I was hurt so much in the past that I one not only banned men, but I banned sex. Now that I am venturing forth into the dating atmosphere, I have acquired that Bulletproof facade. But is it really a "facade" or have I really became what I have despised in my past? There is such a thing as being too cold. Too jaded. How far is too "Bulletproof"?

I know life has its limitations. Truth is, I am trying to live my life without them. I closeted myself away and lost who I really was in my youth. Where I was admired for my strong exterior, I discovered I was really weak. In the past, not only was I vocal in my opinions, I would make a point to protect them. I started noticing that I would back down, instead of fight for what I believed was right. I took a deeper look into myself and discovered I was full of holes. I leaked away my strength of character. I didn't lose my morals or anything like that. I just lost my essence. At least that is the way I perceive it.

In fighting my way back to who I 0nce was, I have noticed that being tough and strong is considered a weakness. How can this be? I realize there is never a happy medium with things and life it seems, anymore. But on a discovery of finding my inner self again. I have realized that I could trample someone in the process. So as I continue my path of the Bulletproof, I think I need to be more softer. Then again, I am probably just over thinking things. I am good at that. Any suggestions? :o)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


What do you consider disrespectful? Is it different for everyone? Personally I consider someone knowingly doing something to make you uncomfortable disrespectful. Especially around your son. Thankfully, he finally fell asleep and has no idea of what happens behind closed doors. He has no clue because for almost 8 years I was celibate. Never was there a man that entered my home that wasn't either related or that he didn't already know since birth. Until November. Even then, the man he finally met was one that I had known for about 7 years. That man eventually became my roommate.

We have separate bedrooms and here lately separate lives. I actually consider him to be very important in my life and genuinely am fond of him. I consider him one of my closest friends and practically tell him everything like I do my girlfriends. But tonight he pushed my buttons to a breaking point. If I wasn't the mature woman I am today and was the Ghetto Drama Queen I was raised to be, all hell would have broken loose. Thankfully I have grown as a person, because now I am just sitting here foaming at the bit. Instead of beating down a door and yelling that I think he is a disrespectful asshole.

Probably wanting to know what he did by now, huh? Well, I told him before we became roomies that if we bring other people into the apartment to sleep with, that we do it when the other person isn't home. I have been seeing someone and he has only been here once when my roomie was home and that was accidental. He intentionally brought home his (in my opinion) trashy girlfriend. I can call her trashy because she is one of those mind game playing bitches that is cheating on her husband. Feel free to give her another name if you so choose. I am trying to have faith that he isn't in there having sex while I am awake and was cleaning the house. Also, while my son was awake and I was trying to get him to sleep.

So what do you called beyond pissed? So far angry that grinding your teeth while typing up your drama doesn't stop you from wanting to cause a scene? Is there a name for it?

Even angrier because I had a funnier story in the works for tonight.

Only one thing left to say. UGH!!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dum Da Dum Dum

My life has never ceased to astound me. It is either so boring I could cry to provide myself with entertainment. Or so dramatic that I could scream just to attempt to scare people away.

I went from not having a date in 7 years to "Oops, I got the men mixed up!" Now don't go thinking that I am trashy and whatnot. I value my body, in that degree. I just was tired of sleeping alone and have decided to try and find someone to change it. As a friend of mine once said. "I don't have a problem being single. It's the celibacy that's a bitch!" If ever there was a woman that shouldn't be single. It is her. In short she reminds me of Carrie on Sex in the City. With the exception that she is a brunette.

Basically, what my mind was trying to talk about, before I teetered off balance, was that I have re-entered the dating world with a vengeance. I was terrified of it before now. I avoided it like it was a plague. Now that I have forced myself to go back into it, it isn't as scary as I imagined it. It is however, quite hilarious. Some men just leave me speechless. Not in a good way. And leaving me speechless is difficult. Just ask anyone who knows me. Making me blush is an even harder job to do.

I found a man that made me blush, not once but twice. Not sure if I like that or not. I am a very, shall we say, strong person. Dominating and vibrant someone once described me. Overpowering personality. Takes a really strong man to put me in my place. My opinions are strong and I don't have a problem telling others about them. I have only met one man that can do it. He is my roommate. I do believe this man I am currently seeing, might be a contender though. He hasn't tried to put me in my place, but he has managed to not run away screaming either. That's a good sign.

Unfortunately, he isn't the only one I am dating. Or should I say thankfully. I am playing the field. I was tied down to my high school honey for years. Then I went on my "I'm not going to date or have sex!" bubble headed years. What bothers me about all of this is, "Is it wrong for anyone to date more then one person at a time?" I know men have done it for years. Some women too. But the more we get into the 2000's the more women act like men. Where once we were considered and reveered to act like ladies, now men are thankful we act like tramps. Are we as women selling ourselves short?

See how my mind wanders? Scary huh?

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Day After....

Well it is the day after Mother's Day. The one day of the year that is and should be celebrated by all Mothers. After all, any true giving and caring mother knows, we worked our butt off. We love it when our kids come in and serve us that silly breakfast in bed. We relish the glitter and glue ridden cards that will dwindle away with time and only been seen in memory books. It is supposed to be our day. Our dinner out, with no dishes. Our day that we know we are loved.

Alas, twas not so for this Drama Queen. I have three boys. Only one contacted me. Now before you say, why weren't you at home with your children, let me give you some background information. My oldest is 23 and lives in Florida. My middle son is 17 and since I would like for him to live to be 18, he lives with his father. My youngest is 7 and he was with his uncle due to the fact that I had to work 15 hours yesterday. Being a single Mom forces you to make sacrifices.

Was really hard to watch other Mothers with their children having a nice lunch or dinner. Knowing that they were able to enjoy their day, while I worked straight through without a break. My kids are worth it though. Yet only my 23 year old bothered to contact me to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. My ex-husband texted me to say, and I quote "Since your son hasn't bothered to ask for the phone to call you. Happy Mother's Day!" Rather decent of him, still makes me want to smack my 17 yr old though.

You would think that my youngest uncle would have said, "Hey kiddo! Let's call your Mom." But that didn't happen either. Instead, his father decided to call me and wake me up this morning. I had to work and was snoozing rather nicely after working very hard yesterday. His lovely present to me was to tell me he thought I was a bad Mother. Probably the rudest awakening I have ever received in my life. He then wonders why I was mad at him and hung up on him. I proceeded to tell him that he is always on the road(he's a trucker) and how the hell would he know. That was my day after.

Can I get a do over? For the day? For yesterday? Hell, for my life?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Texting Manners?

I am positive that if you are one of the few that reads both of my blogs, you can tell I am on a behaviour bash. This time on the texters! (Is that even a legitimate word? Yet?)

Is there an etiquette involving texting? Should one get upset at either vague or non_returned text messages?

I have a certain person in my life that either texts me non stop, (which I enjoy) or that constantly works my nerves. No happy medium at all.

He only makes my nerves raw when he either avoids a direct question, ignores a text completely and skips to the second one or half-ass answers me altogether. Yet when he wants to know something you are expected to answer. Truthfully, it flat out works my nerves.

You ask a question first and it gets ignored, a LOL or a question in return. Is it a personality trait, lack of manners or an on purpose aggravation? Or just plain ol' fashioned rudeness?

It ticked me off so badly today, that I have decided to stop texting him first. At least for awhile. I am even debating on ignoring him when he texts me. I can't ignore him at home, after all he is my roommate. I really want to act like him for an entire week. Basically give him a dose of his own medcine, so to speak. Not sure if he would notice, or even get the hint though.

I am guessing the time for me to be nice to people has passed on by. I would say it is a bittersweet ending to my maturity, but I would be lying. I have always been more bitter than sweet anyways. I guess old habits die hard.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Politically Incorrect???

I am so not talking about the television show. I am referring to people and what they find humorous. I can understand not mocking the handicapped, both mentally and physically. But is there anything wrong with making fun of yourself in a handicapped way? Hence the politically incorrect title above.

Now I have handicapped people in my family and of my acquaintances. I have also, in my opinion dated mentally handicapped men. Probably not genuinely handicapped, but dammit, they sure seemed like something was mentally wrong with them. And that didn't stop me from dating them, well not at first.

I also know that when you are out in public, or even if you just run into someone you know that has either physical or mental limitations, you never make fun of that individual, EVER! So I ask you dear readers. Is it okay to make fun of yourself in a handicapped way? If not, why is it so offensive? The only person you are making fun of during the process is yourself, right?

Curiosity has me wondering. Anyone willing to answer and give their opinions on the above mentioned questions? I am really wanting to know.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here She Comes Again

I won't even pretend or try to feign like I haven't had any drama to write about in my life. I have had tons. I guess I just got rather disheartened with the lack of readers. Or possibly combine it with the lack of time. I really don't see how I get anything done at all. Of course if I would get off the computer right now I could probably get one task done that needs to be completed. But what's the fun in that?

As we last left each other, I was still being celibate. I was still not dating. I had switched jobs. Hell I have even moved twice since then. I fell in love. I was denied. Alas, I don't think it is in the stars for me. But I have braved the wild road I was afraid to travel for so long. That was mostly the dating one.

What I have discovered while I have been slowly re-entering the dating world, is that men are more like women now. I am wondering if the women are becoming more like men. It is like half the world has had free sex changes. Now I know you think I am kidding on this, but really. Since when did men become so moody, emotional and indecisive. It is like looking at myself in a mirror when I am on a period. Do men think they can corner the market on PMS? I tell ya what boys, you can have PMS, AFTER you bleed out your private hole for a few days and not freak out.

It really is outrageous now. Considering I really haven't dated since High School So I have to admit that my recollection of dates are slim to none. But I am educated and I know how to behave with people around me, and even in public. (Patting myself on the back for being a good girl.) But meeting someone is the really hard part. Men are just down right chickens or way to forward the first time they approach. What happened to the happy medium. Coming up to me and asking me if I like to be on top, is not a pick up line. It's rude.

Oh here's a good one. How about meeting a guy and he says he wants a NO STRINGS ATTACHED relationship? You are tired of not having sex, so you throw caution to the wind and say "What the Hell?" I mean at least you should be getting some. Here's the best part. You have your first intimate encounter and afterwards the man looks at you and says. Let me repeat that. HE SAYS "I feel so guilty. I guess I am an old fashioned guy and not sure I can handle this, no strings thing." Not a joke!!! If I hadn't been sitting I would have fainted. If that wasn't womanish, please correct me on it.

At least he was a nice man. He was honest and didn't play games. For that he gets a few, and I mean only a few brownie points. Be back soon.

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