Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Blog Or Not To Blog??

That is the question. Sorry Shakespeare, I just had to steal from you.

Truthfully, I miss blogging. Truthfully, I hate the fact that my life is still filled with drama. Is everyone else's lift filled with drama all the time too? I wish I knew.

Things are still chaotic and dramatic around here. In the year I have been away I have started and online bakery, sold Avon, switched careers twice and working on a third one and have contemplated going back to school. Decisions, decisions. Not to mention I wrecked my beloved Thunderbird yet again. This time completely totaling it out of use. My children have aged, I have aged, yet the drama seems still babyish and young.

Is being forty and starting over a midlife crisis or rejuvenation? I mean half of my life is over with and I truly feel I have not much to show for it. Time will tell. So as I begin blogging anew, I will do my best to keep up with interesting tales of single mother struggles, a non-existent dating life, driving dos and don'ts, photography which I love and a job that makes me wonder why I love it so much.

Hello blogging world, The Real Life Drama Queen is BACK!


keiko_smiles said...

Heck. To the. YES!!!! *high five*

Real Life Drama Queen said...

Yay!! Thanks and welcome back!

keiko_smiles said...