Thursday, March 8, 2012

24 Hours Awake

Unfortunately I don't get the sleep I should, nor do I get sleep when I need it the most. I work a third shift job, which isn't bad. It is actually 98% of the time quiet. Almost dull to the point of sleep sometimes. The only problem with it is that on my day off I get home at 7a.m. If I want to enjoy my day off I have to stay up for 24 hour or more. Then i try to go to bed at a decent time that evening. So then I put myself on a daytime schedule, but in order to enjoy my entire days off I then have to stay up for an additional 24 hours on the day I have to go back to work. My body is complaining at me repeatedly for the strife I am putting it through. I am beginning to agree with it. I remember when I was much, much younger. I would stay awake for three days at a time. I have no clue how I even did that now. By the time hour 24 rolls around I am crabby and practically hallucinating.

Now combine all of the above with the following information. I also home school my youngest, run my online bakery, do my second hobby (photography) and take Karate. I also have friends complaining that I have no time to spend with them. I understand. Sometimes I just want a week off to enjoy myself with no stress, then I remember financially it isn't possible. Can't I just will the lottery? Nothing major. Just enough to take a vacation. Anyone know the numbers to next weeks drawing and willing to share them?

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