Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Karate One, Two...Day Three

I must say that I am enjoying Karate class. I figured I would be mocked or snickered at because of my weight. But truthfully everyone works as a team, more like a family though. Minus the bickering. If I need help, they are there, if I have questions, someone answers it and explains why if necessary. Karate students and masters have a ton of patience. Something I have lacked most of my life. I am not practical in that department at all.

Taking karate has made me practice patience and that isn't easy, I don't like making mistakes, let alone making the same one over and over again. Learning the basic form was worse than learning a dance move. Still not sure if I got it, but didn't know it would make me work up a sweat while practicing it either. Oh well. If you lack discipline like me, I highly recommend karate. It will make you disciplined and have fun at the same time too.

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